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Jul 12 2019

New York State Attorney General Letitia James Opposes Law Enforcement

The moonbattery rotting away New York has reached such a farcical extreme that Letitia James is the state’s chief law enforcement officer. As State Attorney General, she announces her intent to obstruct justice on behalf of foreign invaders:

New York is among as many as 10 cities nationwide that are going to be the target of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids targeting illegal immigrants, which are expected to begin this weekend and the state’s attorney general is vowing to protect those undocumented immigrants.

That is, protect them against the enforcement of American immigration law. Those who will be targeted in the raids have already been ordered deported by the courts.

The odious and openly anti-American Governor Andrew Cuomo is of course on her side.

A country will soon become dysfunctional when high-ranking officials openly flaunt their contempt for the law and obstruct its enforcement. We see now how disastrously irresponsible it was not to arrest and incarcerate Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf when she tipped off criminal aliens on ICE raids. From there it could only get worse.

The situation will continue to worsen until Democrats are held accountable.

By the way, Letitia isn’t just in favor of lawlessness when it comes to the displacement of the American population by foreign invaders. She also extols riots, when the rioters are sexual deviants. She is so proud of this tweet in support of the Stonewall Riots, it is pinned to the top of her feed:

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2 Responses to “New York State Attorney General Letitia James Opposes Law Enforcement”

  1. […] I can’t find word on the progress of the suit. Once something enters the gears of the legal system, it can take years for anything to happen. That’s why it takes so long to get an illegal alien ordered deported. It takes even longer for the deportation to actually occur over the raging objections of Democrats. […]

  2. […] and for those charged with upholding them doesn’t stop with a Democrat Party establishment openly opposed to the enforcement of immigration law or with New York City degenerating into a no-go zone for […]

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