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Jan 23 2020

New York Subway Trains Disappear Beneath Graffiti Again

Graffiti is a telltale indicator of decay, like green fuzz on food. If you see it in your neighborhood, think about selling while you can still get a good price for your house. If you see it all over your city, you may have to move a bit farther.

When Rudy Giuliani cleaned up New York in the 1990s, subway cars emerged from under the layers of graffiti that had coated them. Now that the city has reverted to decline, the graffiti has reemerged.

From the New York Post:

Stunning footage shows an F train defaced from end-to-end with spray paint as it lumbered out of service this week.

The video was tweeted out by the Police Benevolent Association, which pointed to the vandalism as a sign that the city isn’t holding criminals accountable, sending the subways back to the bad old days.

It isn’t just one train.

The Post exclusively reported in December that the MTA has seen a surge in tags on trains and in stations in recent years.

The rate of overall graffiti on trains tripled between the first part of the decade and 2018.

Don’t worry, Team de Blasio has it under control:

“Major graffiti incidents in the subway are extremely rare today thanks to strong deterrence measures by both the New York City Transit Department of Security and the NYPD,” said spokesman Shams Tarek.

According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, there were only 298 “major graffiti” incidents last year, a big improvement on the 443 the year before. “Extremely rare” is a relative term.

Knowing how things are done in New York these days, the improvement is probably the result of adjusting the classification so that this would count as “minor graffiti”:

Before long, the trains will look as bad as they did before Giuliani. This will delight moonbats, who have taken to Twitter to proclaim that law and order rather than graffiti represent decay, and that defacing property that does not belong to you with graffiti is no different from paid advertising.

It costs up to $3.50 per square foot to clean up graffiti. The costly cleanup presents vandals with a blank canvas that they will quickly cover in more graffiti, given the lawlessness that prevails on the streets under liberal rule.

Eventually, the Democrats in charge will realize that the money is better spent buying votes from welfare recipients. Graffiti will swallow up the city.

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