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Oct 09 2017

New York Times Covered for Harvey Weinstein in the Past

Personification of degeneracy Harvey Weinstein is only the tip of the iceberg in Hollyweird — and by extension, the rest of the liberal establishment, including the media:

Reporter Sharon Waxman said Sunday that The New York Times quashed her story exposing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in 2004 after he visited their newsroom to voice his displeasure.

Waxman said she “simply gagged” after reading Jim Rutenberg’s “sanctimonious piece on Saturday about the ‘media enablers’ who kept this story from the public for decades” as the Times was one of Weinstein’s enablers.

The story was gutted after Weinstein dispatched actors Matt Damon and Russell Crowe to lobby on his behalf. The influential producer’s appalling behavior has been an open secret for decades.

Despite the current hiccup in his career, Weinstein is still a “wonderful human being,” just like Michelle Obama says. He plans to prove it by channeling his anger at himself for sexually harassing women into his campaign to deny us our Second Amendment rights.

Actually, Weinstein is infamous for being a belligerent jerk. It looks like he may have finally stepped on too many toes.

We’ll know that Tinseltown and its media enablers are serious about cleaning up their act when homosexual child molesters start taking the fall.

On tips from Stormfax, Torcer, and StephaneDumas.

19 Responses to “New York Times Covered for Harvey Weinstein in the Past”

  1. Talcum X says:


  2. Eddie_Valiant says:

    FWIW, Weinstein got canned by the board of directors at his own company this morning. I doubt that will have much impact. Tossing his fat ass in prison would be better for all of us.

  3. grayjohn says:

    Who gives a damn what this pervert puke is doing or why? There are bigger fish to fry and this POS doesn’t rate a headline. Nice distraction move there Harvey.

  4. StephaneDumas says:

    I saw this blog post from 2015 showing a interesting photo.

    It’s so hard to resist to not turn it into a internet meme.

  5. Torcer says:

    COWARDS: Saturday Night Live Stays Silent On Weinstein Sex Abuse Charges
    After the mass shooting last week in Las Vegas, America’s late-night hosts immediately got on their high horses and, instead of entertaining viewers just hoping for a minute’s respite from the deluge of reality, shoved gun control down everyone’s throats.

    Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah (man, what a list of unfunny people) all immediately toed the liberal line and pushed for Congress to, as the Democratic talking point directed, “Do something.”

    And when a grandstanding mayor in Puerto Rico made outlandish claims that people were dying in the streets of San Juan (they weren’t), Saturday Night Live featured her prominently on its season opener. Alec Baldwin reprised his role as President Trump and the liberal show proceeded to repeat the lies of the mainstream media and Democratic talking points that the hurricane that devastated the island was “Trump’s Katrina.”

    But with mega-mogul Harvey Weinstein, there don’t seem to be any talking points. In fact, it seems as if all the late-night comedians have been issued some “keep your @#$%&* mouth shut” points.

  6. Torcer says:

    All well and good, but this is more about the national socialist Left’s double standards with regard to covering one of their own.

    One can quite imagine that this story will be dropped by the national socialist media like a hot potato..

    But if it had been someone on the Right….

  7. MAS says:

    Birds of a feather flock together.

  8. SonjaTTrotter says:

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  9. anomalousprime says:

    The hypocrisy and double-standards of PROGRESSIVE men and women is astonishing, but it shouldn’t be. We see it time and time again. Which is why a vast majority don’t believe the media, Hollywood celebs and Libs at the ballot box.

    If Weinstein was a Republican, can you image the 24/7 news lambasting?!?

  10. Bully says:

    Jews of a (progressive) feather flock together – or something.

  11. ComradeJ says:

    And as we all know now you cannot poke a lib without finding a Russian connection

    One day after Sharon Waxman revealed in a post on The Wrap that she had been working on an expose about Weinstein until Matt Damon and actor Russell Crowe called her directly to try and bury the piece.

    Waxman said in her piece that Damon and Russell Crowe called her after she managed to get multiple sources stating on the record that an Italian man being paid $400,000 by the company knew little about film and was better known for the ‘evenings he organized with Russian escorts.’

  12. itsatax says:

    Every actor and journalist in the Hollywood scene knew what Weinstein was doing. All of them helped cover it up.

    Same with the media in DC. Actively complicit. The appeal of hanging with the “cool kids” is even stronger than their ideological bias.

  13. Spleenicus says:

    Leave Harvey alone, he was just helping these Shiksa’s careers!

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