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Nov 08 2019

New York Times Denounces Mona Lisa

We don’t have to wait for Muslims to acquire the demographic leverage to erase European civilization, like they erased the many Christian civilizations that flourished in the Middle East (Egypt, Syria, etc). Moonbats are beating them to it. A cultural vandal working for the odious and pernicious New York Times wants to throw out the Mona Lisa.

From the New York Post:

“The Louvre is being held hostage by the Kim Kardashian of 16th-century Italian portraiture: the handsome but only moderately interesting Lisa Gherardini,” art critic Jason Farago wrote, bashing Leonardo da Vinci’s renowned portrait.

He slams the painting — arguably the world’s most recognizable artwork — for turning the museum’s collection “into wallpaper for a cattle pen where guards shooed along irritated, sweaty selfie-snappers.”

“It is time for the Mona Lisa to go,” he proclaims.

The immediate objective is to generate attention through outrage. The NY Times needs every reader it can get, having alienated anyone who would to refer to it as an objective source of information. But this spiteful attack on a beloved part of our heritage fits with the overall objective of critical theory, the strategy by which progressives constantly hack away at all things Western, eroding our respect for our own culture.

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