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Sep 18 2019

New York Times Denounces the Pootriarchy

The New York Times has been circling the drain for some time. Now it has taken the final plunge down the toilet. It followed up publishing obscene and obviously scurrilous allegations in a despicable attempt to smear Brett Kavanaugh with this denunciation of the “pootriarchy”:

The article was written not by sniggering schoolboys but by a pair of female social justice warriors who reveal that the sexist oppression of women includes a previously unrecognized injustice the Slimes calls “poop shame.” From the article:

Poop shame is real — and it disproportionately affects women, who suffer from higher rates of irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. In other words, the patriarchy has seeped into women’s intestinal tracts. Let’s call it the pootriarchy.

The piece goes on to discuss flatulence in the context of patriarchal oppression. It concludes by calling on women to stop being modest about the smells and sounds associated with defecation.

People actually get paid to write this stuff for the Paper of Record.

On a tip from Kate P. Hat tip: Twitchy.

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