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May 03 2019

New York Times Preaches Politics Even in the Food Section

Global warming is a totalitarian ideology. It is not merely about the weather, or about growing Big Government on behalf of the weather. It applies to every aspect of your existence. Say you are reading the New York Times and want to escape from the tedious lies that comprise politics so you turn to the Food section. Here’s what you will find:

The science is clear: The planet is warming. This fact can leave a home cook paralyzed at the stove or in the marketplace, choosing between the lamb and the tofu, the heritage carrots and the farm-raised fish. What to buy, if you want to help reduce your carbon footprint, the carbon footprint of our nation, our world? What to cook?

Readers are directed to an article purporting to explain how their diets make the climate change, an article explaining why we need to eat seaweed because that will keep the climate from continuing to fluctuate the way it always has, an article on what we must learn “from countries and cultures whose diets are climate-friendly,” and more.

Having picked up the NY Times, readers do not escape without a lecture:

You don’t have to become a vegan to make a difference! Just decreasing the amount of meat you eat can help reduce your climate footprint.

However, if you really cared about the climate, you would be a vegan.

Finally, don’t waste food. Plan out your menus and eat your leftovers, and you’ll be doing your part for a healthy planet.

Why would anyone voluntarily submit to being badgered regarding their personal habits by these militant screwballs? Because by complying with their demands, you can establish that you are a good person who piously reveres the climate gods.

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