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Sep 10 2019

New York Times Promotes Turning Little Boys Into Drag Queens

The sickness destroying our culture reaches its most appalling depths with the phenomenon of little boys coached by homosexuals and their progressive parents to perform as drag queens. The Paper of Record promotes this enthusiastically. From a New York Times piece entitled “Sashaying Their Way Through Youth”:

[A]s gay culture has gained mainstream acceptance [thanks to the media’s propaganda blitzkrieg], the number and variety of locations where drag is welcome have grown. G-rated story hours are now offered at public libraries. Kids — and parents intent on raising them outside of traditional gender norms — are keen to perform.

“G-rated story hours” apparently refers to the grooming-oriented drag queen story hours that woke parents inflict on kids throughout the country. These have featured twerking perverts and criminals convicted of sex crimes against children. They should be rated NC-17, not G.

Among the parents extolled in the piece is Robin Johnson, who founded “Dragutante, an 18-and-under runway show in Denver” and who groomed her 14-year-old son to become Ophelia Peaches.

Ms. Johnson estimated that there are more than a hundred kids doing drag around the United States, based on outreach to Dragutante and to Ophelia. Some have public social media platforms and are on their way to careers.

They can count on enthusiastic marketing support from social engineers in the “mainstream” media.

Already, stars have been produced:

Desmond [Napoles], with 180,000 followers on Instagram, has the largest online presence, followed by Lactatia, a 10-year-old in Montreal. CJ Duron, 12, whose mother is the author of “Raising My Rainbow,” recently appeared in a Sephora Pride campaign

The Slimes admits that

Despite the binary-shattering implications of this scene, drag moms far outnumber drag dads.

Imagine a guy doing this to his son. Even in this decayed day and age, he might end up swinging from a lamppost. With women, liberal politics evidently provides an excuse to remake their little boy as the little girl they wished they’d had — at the expense of the kid’s mental health.

It is as if showcasing JonBenét Ramsey for leering perverts wasn’t sick enough to satisfy moonbats. The liberal media and woke corporations (e.g., Converse) are eager to exploit a phenomenon that could only gain traction in a culture whose wheels are coming loose.

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