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Jul 03 2020

New York Times: Tear Down Mount Rushmore

Five years ago, Mark Dice documented the decay of the American population with man on the street interviews in which he asked whether people approved of an imaginary Obama plan to tear down Mount Rushmore for being racist. At the time, we could laugh at the moonbats who liked the idea. It’s no longer funny, now that these malevolent fools are close to taking control.

The Democrat Party has already denounced Mount Rushmore, linking it to “white supremacy.”

Now, the New York Times, flagship publication of the liberal establishment, shrieks that Mount Rushmore must “be closed as a national monument, and the land itself needs to be returned to the Indigenous people.”

In the current political context, with statues of even the greatest figures in American history being torn down by liberal authorities or with their tacit consent, that means destroying this iconic monument.

The loathsome but immensely influential publication denounces the sculptor Gutzon Borglum as a thought criminal, the great Founding Fathers Washington and Jefferson for being products of their time and place who consequently owned slaves, Teddy Roosevelt for attempting to expose Indians to Christianity, and even the slave-emancipating Abraham Lincoln for not letting the massacre of white settlers by Indians slide.

This is now the official liberal point of view. If Democrats prevail, Mount Rushmore will be destroyed. The Constitution will soon follow; that is the point of canceling the Founding Fathers.

Liberals have made unambiguously explicit their intention to literally destroy this country if they are not stopped immediately. Yet rather than put up resistance, prominent Republican officeholders contemptibly and unforgivably collude with them.

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