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Apr 22 2024

New York to Ban Individually Wrapped Cheese

There is nothing liberals will not take away from you, from the most essential (e.g., cars, electricity, toilets) to the most trivial, like individually wrapped cheese. If you want to see how absurdly repressive the whole country will soon be if Democrats further consolidate power, look to deep blue states like New York:

Individually wrapped cheese would be largely banned under a far-reaching bill getting pushed by New York environmentalists and politicians to reduce the use of plastics…

Plastic represents the greatest advance in materials science since the bronze age. It makes modern life possible. Applied to food, plastic benefits public health by preventing spoilage and contamination. But it is petroleum-based, so liberals regard plastic as ideologically unclean.

The state bill — called Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act — would require companies with net incomes over $1 million who sell or distribute food or products to reduce plastics and other packaging that ends in landfills or waterways by 50% over the next 12 years.

If the waterways are full of waste, New Yorkers should elect representatives who will clean them up, rather than banning anything that might conceivably end up as litter. But that’s not the approach the left-wing activists calling the shots prefer:

One leading environmentalist backing the bill confirmed that the goal is to eliminate single slices of cheese packaged in non-reusable plastic, as well as other wasteful packaging.

“We have to do something about the plastic crisis,” said Judith Enck, president of the group Beyond Plastics.

As it is submersed beneath a tsunami of needy illegal aliens and crime spirals out of control, New York has bigger crises than individually wrapped cheese slices. But the liberals who caused its problems have no interest in solving them. Their focus is on exerting power over every picayune aspect of life until the ultimate objective is achieved: a world in which everything that is not mandatory is forbidden.

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