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Apr 07 2020

New Yorkers: Better Millions Die Than Trump Be Reelected

Ami Horowitz ventures into the epicenter of both the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic and hipster fatuousness — the East Village in New York City — to discover whether the denizens would prefer millions dead of the virus to the reelection of their fellow New Yorker Donald Trump. The answer should appall anyone less evil than Joseph Stalin:

Why Trump is supposedly dangerous is never explained. But there is no need to explain the dangerousness of people so brainwashed and deranged by hatred that they blithely prefer millions of dead bodies to having Trump instead of Joe Biden in the White House for a few years. Actions have a way of catching up with rhetoric.

On tips from Lyle.

One Response to “New Yorkers: Better Millions Die Than Trump Be Reelected”

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