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Oct 21 2019

Newsom Pardons Foreign Criminals

It is no exaggeration to say that the leftists running California take the side of foreign criminals against the law-abiding citizens who pay their salaries. Gavin Newsom makes it arrogantly obvious, going so far as to pardon foreigners for crimes unrelated to immigration so that they can avoid deportation.

Via Fox News:

The governor, a Democrat, pardoned 38-year old Victor Ayala, who in 2001 at age 21 was convicted of felony robbery and sentenced to probation for pushing a security guard while shoplifting from an electronics store, The Sacramento Bee reported. He also had four prior misdemeanor convictions for theft and a hit-and-run in which no one suffered injuries, Los Angeles’ KTLA-TV reported.

Ayala hails from El Salvador.

Newsom also pardoned 41-year-old Thear Seam, who at age 18 was convicted of robbing a man’s wallet and backpack. He was convicted as an accessory the next year after leading police on a high-speed chase while helping another man, a car thief whole stole a separate vehicle, evade arrest, KTLA reported.

Seam hails from Cambodia.

The third immigrant to be pardoned was Arnou Aghamalian, 42, who as a 22-year-old in 1999 was convicted of helping his cousin set a nightclub owner’s unoccupied car on fire after a dispute.

Aghamalian hails from Iran.

None fits the profile of Republican voters, so all are welcome in Gavin Newsom’s California.

At least these three already served their sentences. Given that progressives invariably progress to ever more intolerable outrages, we can expect to see future criminals pardoned on the grounds of being illegal aliens before time is served.

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