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Sep 18 2018

Newspaper Publishers Give Maxine Waters Leadership Award

Politically speaking, we know where newspapers are coming from. Black-owned newspapers are coming from the same place, except farther out. To get an idea of how far out, infamously corrupt congresscritter Maxine Waters was just granted a National Leadership Award by the National Newspaper Publishers Association, which was formerly known as the National Negro Publishers Association.

This must be what they mean by leadership:

Although Mad Maxine isn’t easy to take seriously, the number of people willing to vote for characters of her caliber is a serious problem indeed. The American Mirror reports on her acceptance speech:

“Yes, I have worked against [the President]. No, I didn’t go to his inauguration. No, I didn’t go to his State of the Union. No, I do not go to the White House. No, I do not engage with him,” she said as the applause grew louder.

“All I want for him and about him is to be impeached and get him out of the White House!” she yelled, as the audience erupted.

Impeached on what grounds? Any grounds or none, as she soon confirms by addressing the objection that removing Trump would only leave Mike Pence in charge.

“Knock off the first one, and then go after the second one,” she said.

Just keep impeaching until a Democrat is in charge. That’s the fallback plan when voters don’t choose a Democrat president.

Democracy is a means to an end. That end is power for Democrats. When it fails to lead to this end, democracy is discarded in favor of whatever desperate tactics present themselves. This explains the disgusting behavior of Dianne Feinstein as she and others of her kind reduce the Brett Kavanaugh hearings to a shameful travesty.

There is a line between opposition and sedition. Maxine Waters differs from other Democrat pols only in how witlessly open she is about her willingness to cross it. Media support for crossing this line will not be limited to the National Newspaper Publishers Association.

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