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Oct 11 2018

Newspeak Dictionary Update: Womxn

The prevailing Cultural Marxist hatred of men that allowed Christine Blasey Ford to take her absurd stunt to such alarming lengths may force an update to the Newspeak dictionary. So as to rid the sacred word “women” of the unholy stem “men,” moonbats at the Wellcome Collection museum/library in London spell it “womxn.”

The Beeb assures us it is not a typo:

Like women, womxn refers to females, but it is an attempt to get away from patriarchal language.

Dr Clara Bradbury-Rance, fellow at King’s College London, said the spelling “stems from a longstanding objection to the word woman as it comes from man, and the linguistic roots of the word mean that it really does come from the word man”.

“Womxn” can be applied not only to women but to men pretending to be women and to freakazoids so messed up that they do not know whether they are men or women.

It is pronounced “wo-minx.” If you want to know the singular, ask a feminazi.

A follow-up tweet provides insight into the concerns that fill the time of useless moonbats:

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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