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Jan 31 2018

Next After Chief Wahoo: Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Logo

Now that the Cleveland Indians cravenly caved and offered up the beloved Chief Wahoo on the altar of political correctness, liberal bullies are satisfied, and will stop dictating repressive demands, right? Of course not:

ESPN “First Take” host Max Kellerman argued the Notre Dame Fighting Irish mascot is offensive as well.

Even the left-wing Washington Post found that nine out of 10 Indians know better than to be offended that teams are named after them, despite constantly being told to be offended by exploitative cultural Marxists. Kellerman doesn’t care.

He [barked] that ethnic mascots should be changed “even if it is a minority of the group that is offended,” and said that rule also should apply to the University of Notre Dame, whose athletic teams are known as the Fighting Irish.

“Many Irish-Americans are not offended, but many are. And should that also change? The answer is yes, unequivocally yes,” Kellerman said, as his guest Will Cain groaned and facepalmed.

Moonbat totalitarians like Kellerman are getting desperate for something new to ban if they have to become belligerently offended on behalf of the fellow white people they normally denigrate.

“Pernicious, negative stereotypes of marginalized people that offend even some among them should be changed. It’s not that hard,” Kellerman concluded.

Congratulations to the large percentage of regular Americans with Irish blood. We have now achieved “marginalized” status, and are entitled to all manner of special privileges and protections.

Kellerman lisps and splutters his moonbat demands.

On tips from Byron and TCS III.

25 Responses to “Next After Chief Wahoo: Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Logo”

  1. Polyphemus says:

    I’d like to bash that silly lad with me shileighleigh…

  2. Polyphemus says:

    In between pints of course…

  3. StephaneDumas says:

    It’s up to the folks of pol/4chan/8chan to search for hidden skeleton in Max Kellerman’s closet. I think he might have something to hide he didn’t want to be showed.

    I guess it’s time to laugh of him by doing some memes.
    [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]via Imgflip Meme Generator[/url]

  4. StephaneDumas says:

    One more meme.
    [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]via Imgflip Meme Generator[/url]

  5. Bill589 says:

    Growing up, a neighbor of mine was Navajo. He also called himself an Indian. And he called himself a Redskin.

    I’m ‘White’, and my best childhood friend is ‘Black’, and we often played ‘Cowboys and Indians’.

    My neighbor thought it funny that, though White and Black, we Always choose to be the Redskin Indians.


    Just call them the Niggardly Nazis. No one could possibly find anything wrong with that.


    We are currently experiencing the Quickening of Moonbattery, which certainly keeps the operators of this particular site very busy, not with having to find material, but rather having to sift through it all.

    And without further ado, I present.. (QUOTE)

    “Venus Xtravaganza, a small Latinx trans drag queen, dancing in the ballrooms of late-’80s New York. She dances because she knows the beauty of her Brown skin, her Queer body. Her dance gives her power. How else, but by dancing, can she live in a world that mercilessly crushes Brown and Black, Queer and trans bodies, crushes them under its anti-Queer, anti-Brown and anti-Black healthcare and legal system and education system and culture and police state? How else, but by dancing, can Venus Xtravaganza breathe?”



  8. Swordie says:

    Racist? To be sure, to be sure.

  9. Franklyfrank says:

    ESPN is still on?

  10. BPatMann says:

    Also, the Minnesota Vikings name is deeply offensive. From now on, all football teams should be named after vegetables and hand tools. I look forward to the day when the New York Rutabagas take on the Cleveland Torque Wrenches in the Superbowl.

  11. BPatMann says:

    Reminds me of an old ditty:
    Give Ireland back to the Irish
    Give Lapland back to the Laps
    Give China back to the Chinese
    And Yoko back to the Japs!

  12. The Uhlan says:

    As a USC Trojan, I’m in favor of the Noter Damns losing their Fighting Amish logo dude. Call them the Slapping Snowflakes.

    “Play Like Your Imaginary Girlfriend Died Today”

  13. Brian says:

    Speaking as a root-identified trans-vegetablist, I demand your immediate resignation from whatever it is you do.

  14. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    Nice to hear from the California Condoms.

  15. fozzy says:

    They’ll move to team names that aren’t inclusive enough. San Diego Padres? (Catholic missionaries, cultural genocide.) the Packers are offensive to Vegans, the Oilers to environmentalists and the White Sox. Oh boy, they have white in their name.

  16. Andrew Flanders says:

    (((Fellow Whites))) you mean.

  17. jeannebodine says:

    And I demand that the leprechaun be taken off Lucky Charms. He/she/zir offends my Irish sensibilities. Plus the lucky marshmallows taste like red dye #3 erasers.

  18. JackisBack says:

    Catholic in name only.

  19. Jo Jo Cintia says:

    After the Confederate Statues get removed, the erasure of The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. How convenient…

  20. BiffWellington says:

    and when you’re done with that, let’s go after that darn penguin….

  21. Neanderthal-Catholic American says:

    How about naming a team Neanderthals ?
    Within the past year my father and I had our DNA tested.
    I have more neanderthal DNA than 79% of 23andme’s tested population (yes and I’m female).
    My father has more than 93% of tested people.
    Persons of European and Asian descent tend to have larger amounts of the “primitive” ancestr .
    My father also tested predominantly British and Irish, which he already knew.

  22. Frances says:

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  23. A Croft says:

    This is so silly. My college got on this PC bandwagon and dropped the “Indian” name of their sports team. I still don’t get it.

    Why are we ruled by the squeakiest wheels? Don’t the opinions of people who are NOT offended count for anything?

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