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Feb 28 2020

Next After Nixing Heathrow Expansion: Forbidding New Roads

Envirojacobins are satisfied, now that they managed to inconvenience everyone by killing an expansion of London’s Heathrow airport, right? Of course not. Give bullies an inch and they will demand a yard. The lawfare tactic is working well for them. Next on the agenda: suppressing road construction.

Via the BBC:

Plans for a £28.8bn roads programme could be challenged in the courts for breaching the UK’s laws on climate change.

Only in a world succumbing to insanity could road construction be blocked for making the weather too warm.

The prime minister has promised many new roads, with infrastructure spending focused on northern England.

But whether roads get built is up to bureauweenies, not Boris Johnson.

They are supposed to weigh the benefits of a proposed road – for example how much time drivers will save if it is built – against the drawbacks, including the potential for increased carbon emissions.

Evaluating the imaginary damage caused by harmless CO2 is like calculating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. With moonbats making the cost-benefit analyses, the benefits of permitting so much as a flatulating cow will be outweighed by the supposedly catastrophic effect on the climate.

Britain could forbid transportation entirely and the effect on the weather would be nil. But it’s the gesture that counts. Gaia approves of deferent intentions, and rewards her servants with the rich pleasures of moral smugness. Plus, this gives lefties a chance to punish Johnson for Brexit.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC. Hat tip: GWPF.

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