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Jan 26 2018

NFL Establishes Social and Racial Justice Committee

The politicized NFL’s lurch to the left has become a headlong plunge:

The NFL has established a player-owner committee focusing on social and racial justice initiatives that Commissioner Roger Goodell cautions is just a start, with lots of work ahead.

“Social and racial justice” means ultraleftism with a militantly Afrocentric orientation.

Propaganda initiatives will go well beyond the disrespectful antics that take place when the national anthem is performed.

The league also said Tuesday it is beginning a “Let’s Listen Together” campaign that includes digital content and commercials highlighting player-led work on equality issues.

Crows former player and committee member Anquan Boldin,

“We’re dedicated to seeing a difference in our criminal justice system. We’re dedicated to educating not only ourselves, but the public as well how there are different biases when it comes to our criminal justice system. We’re excited about the partnership and the backing of the NFL that we have now.”

Racistly, criminals are often incarcerated even when they are black. The felon-infested NFL will do what it can to put a stop to this.

On a tip from Jester.

24 Responses to “NFL Establishes Social and Racial Justice Committee”

  1. Franklyfrank says:

    It would be great if the Superbowl viewership tanked disastrously this year.

  2. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Social and racial justice in the NFL…..
    Does that mean that teams will be forced to hire more white players to get us closer to the makeup of the US population?

    Or does that mean that the guys who paint the white lines on the fields will start being paid the same as the average NFL player?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Could someone tell Goodell the hip “Business thought leader” he’s paying for this buncombe is just using the money to smoke weed and drink MD 20/20.

  4. The Uhlan says:

    the average player career is about 3.3 years. which is exactly when their interest in “social justice” begins and ends.

  5. Angel says:

    So, in other words, a bunch of poorly-educated black multi-millionaires are going to lecture poor and middle-class whites on how badly they are treated in America. Sounds perfectly logical in leftist-land.

  6. Angel says:

    “Social justice” means punishing you for not having the politically-acceptable amount of skin pigmentation.

  7. MAS says:

    Committing suicide in the name of justice, how avant-garde…

  8. Alisa says:

    NFL, Go Blow It Out Your Ear!!!!! I never did like football & seeing how disgraceful these THUG Players & THUG Owners are acting & giving honest, hardworking Americans & Veterans the middle finger, I hope the Entire NFL Tanks into utter oblivion. Bye-Bye, NFL!!!

    To All NFL Fans, Come Over To The NHL!!!!

    We don’t have this garbage in our League. It was tried 1ce & just 1ce & that was it. The League squashed it like a cockroach before it could infest the hockey world.

  9. Tchhht!!! says:

    In other words nigros must be held immune from the laws of the land.

  10. Anonymous says:

    NFL should rethink their assumption they’re somehow matching their audience:

  11. James McEnanly says:

    Vince McMahon will be sending them a thank you note. The NFL is working overtime to drive viewers over to the XFL.

  12. Tiger says:

    NFL is irrelevant and suppose they will learn it sooner than later as they lose fans and money.

  13. Frank says:

    NFL obviously never heard Aesop’s cautionary tale about the goose that laid golden eggs.

  14. ICEvictim says:

    I totally agree with this!!

    Now, all NFL teams have to make their player rosters agree with the population – only 12% of the players and coaches can be blacks, 12% Cholos, 1% to other, and the rest to whites. Anything else is racist.

    It’s only fair.

  15. ICEvictim says:

    and to the NBA!

  16. Geraldine says:

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  17. she doesn't watch football says:

    I thought the NFL was a social and racial justice initiative.

  18. Bully says:

    Wasn’t that pastime once called Football?

  19. eneils bailey says:

    I will never watch another NFL game.

  20. xpatYankeeCurmudgeon says:




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