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Sep 19 2018

Nicolas Maduro Living Large

Some say that socialism does not work, because it invariably lowers the standard of living of those it is imposed on, in terms both of liberty and of material wealth. But wealthy socialists like Bernie Sanders know that it works great. Venezuela’s socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro knows it too. If not for socialism, how else would a Caracas bus driver come to chow down on steaks and puff away on cigars at a world-famous restaurant in Turkey?

Maduro said he had a “good time” being served by celebrity chef Nusret Gokce, dubbed “Salt Bae,” at the Nusr-Et steakhouse in Istanbul. His visit to the upscale restaurant comes as nearly two-thirds of Venezuelans have reported losing significant amounts of weight amid an ever-worsening food crisis.

Individual steaks served at Gokce’s chain go for up to $275. Back in Venezuela, 87% of the population lives in poverty. That is socialism in a nutshell.

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