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Nov 28 2018

Nicole Wallace Makes Hate Hoax List

Hats off to Nicole Wallace. She may only be an NBC propagandist, but she does have one thing to be proud of — she made the Hate Hoax List with a recent burst of moonbattery.

Wallace was attempting (unsuccessfully!) to derail the Senate campaign of Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith by joining in the lynch mob trying to string her up for making an innocent joke. “If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row,” Hyde-Smith had said while returning a friend’s compliment. This was claimed to be racist, on the grounds that according to the liberal narrative, only black people were ever hanged.

On Monday, nooses were found at the Mississippi State Capitol, obviously planted by moonbats. They were accompanied by signs, one of which read in all caps,

On Tuesday November 27th thousands of Mississippians will vote for a Senator we need someone who respects lives of lynch victims.

Hilariously, local media described this as a “hate sign,” implying that the hate was directed at blacks rather than at Republicans.

As Daily Wire reports,

Mainstream media organizations melted down on Monday after a number of nooses were found hanging in the vicinity of the capitol building, strung from trees as part of a “message” campaign — though the Associated Press, which first reported the story, didn’t give much more information about the “message” the nooses were trying to send, only that it was one of “hate.” …

Local news reported photos of the nooses, and, again, avoided printing the “messages” that were written on signs left near the ropes.

The messages made it crystal clear that the noose display was the handiwork of moonbats.

But weirdly, the signs didn’t appear on anyone’s Twitter feed until late Monday evening, nearly 12 hours after news of the display went viral.

Now the signs are out there for everyone to see:

Now back to the odious Nicole Wallace:

“I think what a lot of people wonder,” Wallace opined, “not just coastal elites, but people from states other than Mississippi, how can people vote for someone who joked about public hangings?”

For crying out loud.

“And you already see, and I don’t know that you could say there’s a cause and effect,” Wallace said, “but yesterday two nooses were found hanging on two different trees at the state capitol.”

Uh oh. Some bumbling producer let an honest analyst onto the set:

“Well the nooses were put up in protest to highlight Cindy Hyde-Smith and her statement,” clarified her guest Elise Jordan. “So that was a protest move. I just want to be clear about what was behind that.”

Was this news to Wallace? No, she is not that clueless. This means she was effectively lying with her spin on the nooses:

“No, no, thank you!” Wallace responded.

Thanks aside, I know a guest who will be less welcome in the future.

Please welcome Nicole Wallace to the Hate Hoax List as a representative of the lying mainstream media establishment.

On tips from 1-Bodhisattva, Dave F, and Come&TakeIt.

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