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Dec 23 2019

Nike to Sell Colin Kaepernick Shoe

If you would consider being caught dead in any item defiled by the Nike logo, much less buying anything new from this disgraceful corporation, consider its new Colin Kaepernick shoe.

Via Disrn:

Nike plans to release a line of shoes later this month honoring [former] NFL player Colin Kaepernick and his infamous demonstrations against the United States national anthem during football games.

The shoes come with a cartoon of Kaepernick’s goofy face on the back, complete with the conspicuous Afro that helps him look more black. The digits 081416 are emblazoned on the sole. This refers to August 14, 2016, the date the fading player began indulging in theatrically disrespectful antics when the national anthem was played, so as to express his contempt for America and the people who comprise it.

The moonbat shoes will sell for $110. That comes to $40 for the shoes and $70 to let everyone know how woke you are.

Not all Nike shoes make a pageant of anti-Americanism. Last summer, in a lapse from its usual moonbattery, Nike came out with sneakers sporting America’s original flag. But the shoes were pulled off the market after Kaepernick, the face of the company, denounced them as offensive.

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