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May 05 2018

No Free Speech at College

There is no free speech at college anymore. Anyone who is even vaguely suspected of failing to comply with leftist ideology inspires the ire of left-wing fascists, who will absurdly proclaim their victims to be fascists as they shut them down. As Heather Mac Donald observes, the adolescent thugs shouting down anything they don’t want you to hear have a synergistic relationship with the leftist educrats who let them run riot. As she aptly puts it,

“There is a codependency between the exploding diversity bureaucracy and these narcissistic delusional students who act out little psychodramas of oppression before an appreciative audience of diversity bureaucrats.”

The pampered thugs — often beneficiaries of Affirmative Action — never find themselves more oppressed than when they are self-righteously denying others their right of free speech.

Interviewed by John Stossel, Mac Donald describes what moonbattery has done to the university climate:

On a tip from Jester.

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