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Sep 04 2017

No, George Orwell Would Not Have Supported Antifa

One of the many wise things George Orwell said was this:


It is obvious in the extreme that Orwell would not have supported the coercive thugs comprising Antifa, so let’s restate it here. Paul Joseph Watson made the case so thoroughly that even moonbats might get it:

On a tip from StephaneDumas.

18 Responses to “No, George Orwell Would Not Have Supported Antifa”

  1. daPenguin says:

    As my Son loves to tell his college friends” 1984 was meant as a warning, not an instruction manual!”

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  3. TED says:

    THE SAME ONES that are tearing down statues NOW!!!

  4. TED says:


  5. TED says:

    NO NANCY, WE are NOT as DUMB as YOU ARE!!!

  6. TED says:



    Better be NONE!!!

  7. Saraflockard says:

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  8. Spiny Norman says:

    Do they call him a Nazi for that?

  9. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Except the word “gay” – they’re anything but!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yes, liberal snowflakes, Orwell fought in Spain on the Marxist side and was so impressed by them he wrote two of the major anti-communist works of literature in history after that. (Think about that, kids.)

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