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Jun 18 2023

Nonapology From Nonwoman Rose Montoya

As you might have suspected, the freak who defiled the White House by jiggling his artificially created breasts at an LGBT worship service is a put-upon victim.

Transgender activist Rose Montoya apologized [sic] in a video posted to Twitter on Friday for filming [himself] topless at a White House event last weekend celebrating Pride month.

Montoya’s behavior was consistent with an event explicitly devoted to glorifying sexually perverted exhibitionism. But it did not go over well with the public, so the same White House that invited him threw him under the bus, pretending to disapprove of his unsurprising behavior.

The Alphabet Mafia is more adept at crybullying than apologizing:

Montoya made clear [he] and [his] family and friends have experienced immense harassment since the issue surfaced. [He] lamented the rise in [imaginary] violence against the queer community and the prevalence of state laws that have limited access to resources for trans people.

“Limiting access to resources” is liberalese for “tapping the brakes on sex change procedures for children.”

Montoya’s “apology” consisted of crapping in his hand and flinging it at the decent people disgusted by his antics:

“It was also never my intention to create a situation that would lead to harassment and harm of myself and others, nor for … my little moment of trans joy to be weaponized by vile people of the opposition.”

He says he plans to promote equity and inclusion and to “educate” the unenlightened regarding “the importance and power of trans joy.” Stand by for more jiggling of artificial breasts, accompanied by stridently shrieked moonbattery.

We’ll see whether the nation he and Biden spat on together accepts this less than contrite apology.

In case you were lucky enough to miss it earlier:

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