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Mar 21 2020

Nonbinary Sex Worker Licks Airplane Toilet Seat for Fame

No matter what is going on out there, depraved freakazoids will seize on it as an opportunity to draw attention to themselves. Actual headline from the Daily Mail:

American Gender-Fluid Sex Worker Shocks Twitter by Filming Themself Licking an Airplane Toilet Seat

In case anyone needs one more reason to avoid gender-fluid sex workers, here you go:

The video was posted by Twitter user ‘Grimiestt’, a sex worker based in Brooklyn, New York, who also posts x-rated content on social media.

It shows the person, who is genderfluid, meaning they identify as neither man or woman, bent over a toilet in an airplane cubicle, licking the seat.

Grimiestt isn’t the only one licking toilet seats during the Wuhan virus pandemic in an attempt to achieve 15 seconds of fame.

The Wuhan virus makes an apt metaphor for our times. We live in a diseased age.

On tips from WUHAN VIRUS = CHINA CHERNOBYL and Frances J.

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