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Apr 30 2016

North Carolina Officials Enable Male Reporter Posing as Sexual Predator to Use Female Bathrooms

Project Veritas demonstrates what the progressive jihad to transgenderize bathrooms means for privacy in the bathroom even in North Carolina, which has been theatrically denounced by moonbats like Bruce Springsteen and Michael Moore for putting up resistance:

Rejoice, sex fiends of heterosexual varieties. You won’t even have to dress up in women’s clothes to catch yourself an eyeful — or a cameraful.

On a tip from Alphamail.

10 Responses to “North Carolina Officials Enable Male Reporter Posing as Sexual Predator to Use Female Bathrooms”

  1. […] (Link):  North Carolina Officials Enable Male Reporter Posing as Sexual Predator to Use Female Bathrooms […]

  2. Donna M says:

    Hey Alpha!
    Just waitin’ for the Islamic barbarian horde to get here!
    Shouldn’t be long now…feds are creating more fantasy and fiction, than facts when it comes to federal guidelines documentation for those “wonderful” third worlders!
    Come one, come all, and with ya’ comes the reign of stagnation and decay!
    Yep, your gonna’ bring all your “CR@P”, here!
    Our bathrooms, pools, recreation centers, clubs, etc…are going to undergo a major transformation!
    And it will be one the present PC idiots, never envisioned!

  3. Donna M says:

    Every man, woman and child, should start now, by learning how to protect and defend your rear end!
    …and I truly mean that. Quite, literally
    The “wolfpacks” are now arriving…

  4. Saxon Warrior says:

    Simple solution. All girl’s bathrooms should be fitted out with a pair of gardening shears. Any ‘person’ entering the bathroom who appears suspect should be made to display their genitalia, and if they possess a penis and testicles, the girls can collectively oblige to remove the penis and testicles with the said shears. This will satisfy transgenders as they can have the offending appendages removed free of charge, and other perverts can also qualify to use the bathroom with a free lifetime ticket created by the act of complete castration.
    This way everybody is happy, everybody gets what they want, everybody gets to be the sex that they want to be, and nobody can be offended any more!

  5. Dorothypdunham1 says:

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  6. IMPACT1 says:

    Do they actually use a bathroom? I’ve heard about them capping in dressing rooms…
    And the hand thing…ugh…avoid restaurants or other food handling places that employs them…we are in for some wicked times ahead…thank the stupid ones in Government on all levels and the PC morons for THAT ….

    Thank God for the Common Sense People….like us…seems we are the only level heads on the planet…

  7. Donna M says:

    I couldn’t agree more!
    Actually, the backward, newly arrived, don’t trust bathrooms used by infidels…and,
    You won’t find them employed as industrial maintenance operators (janitors), cleaning our bathrooms.
    It’s not halal.
    They, themselves, have no problem, squattin’ in a corner and REFUSE to “clean up”, the mess they make.
    Some even do it on purpose, to convey their loathing for us.
    By the way,
    Traveling by public transportation these days, can be “risky” business!
    Watch where ya’ sit, where ya’ put your hands and where ya’ walk.

  8. IMPACT1 says:

    We NEED Trump to put a halt to the Third World infux that is NOT OUR CHOICE…Americans have been saying that For years (We are turning into a Third World Country) and Hell…it’s staring us in the Face ….thanks (Most recently 8 years) to Obammy and his ‘Administration’ WITH the ‘help’ of idiot Republicans not fighting back!
    First thing I do is hand sanitizer when I leave public ‘anything’ then it’s another wash up the minute I get home….eww…Be safe out there Donna….and Everyone…

  9. Donna M says:

    😉 !

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