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Jan 30 2019

North Korea Imposes Human Manure Quota

Milton Friedman warned us that if you put Big Government in charge of the Sahara, there would eventually be a shortage of sand. But who could believe that a country run on Marxist principles could ever run out of crap? Yet Kim Jong Un has demanded that North Koreans provide the government with over 220 pounds per day of human manure to use as fertilizer to revive the agricultural sector, according to Fox News:

If the people don’t meet their daily quota, they have to supply over 600 pounds of compost or livestock manure, according to Radio Free Asia.

That could be even harder to accomplish, when your only livestock was a cat that you butchered years ago to keep the kids from starving.

But socialism will work better in the USA. Just ask Bernie or Kamala.

“The entire population has been mobilized to produce manure as the first major task of the year,” a source told the outlet. …

“They are demanding that each person produce 100kg of human feces per day, or about 3 tons per month,” the person added. “But how on earth can it be possible for one person to make 3 tons of human feces and deliver it?”

Michael Moore finally has an opportunity to make himself useful.

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