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Aug 12 2018

Norway’s Plan to Hand Out Free Heroin to Junkies

Where do the moonbats running cesspools of degeneracy like San Francisco go next when they have already pushed the envelope over the edge into sanity by forcing taxpayers to provide free needles to the drug-abusing lowlife responsible for making the city unvisitable? Earlier this year, Norway came up with the answer; make taxpayers provide free heroin too:

The Aftenposten newspaper reported on Thursday evening that Health Minister Bent Høie had asked the Norwegian Directorate of Health to draw up a list of which addicts were most suitable to receive so-called “heroin-assisted treatment”…

This means free heroin for up to 400 addicts.

Moonbattery is so advanced in Scandinavia that Høie is a member of the Conservative Party.

“Addicts should be met with health care and respect, not with punishment and condemnation,” Høie said in March when he appointed a new high-level committee to draw up the details of the new policy.

Apart from the question of why anyone would respect drug addicts, why would anyone think that honoring their self-destructive behavior does them any good? It is no coincidence that ultraliberal countries like Norway and Sweden have high rates of drug overdoses. A firm kick to the seat of the pants would do junkies vastly more good than respect and free heroin.

“We are now moving away from what might be described as a moralistic approach in the previous thinking,” [Høie] told the Verdens Gång newspaper at the time. “We fully recognize that some are not motivated to become drug-free. This group will now get a much better offer than before.”

At last word, the project is set to launch in Norway as soon as 2020. No doubt San Francisco will follow soon afterward.

Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

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