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Nov 14 2011

Not Again

Everybody makes foolish mistakes:


Most of us learn from them, especially when they result in cascades of derisive laughter. Others don’t:


This time the guy with Obama’s hand for a face is South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

Never mind. Wherever the Anointed One goes, it’s all about him anyway.

If only he learned more quickly on economic issues — assuming that what he’s doing to the economy isn’t deliberate.

On a tip from Granny Jan.

18 Responses to “Not Again”

  1. Fiberal says:

    “Everybody makes foolish mistakes”

    Including the American people.

    Who will have a chance to prove that they are smarter than BO in 2012 by not making the same mistake twice.

    It will be close.

  2. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Putin’s monkey made it all the way to Hate Haole Hawaii? Dance for Vlad little monkey, dance.

  3. Mickey Shea says:

    Look, look, it’s me ! It’s all about me ! Look ever here…

  4. Henry says:

    WTF is wrong with this jackass? Stand still and let the photographer take the pics, SFB!

  5. Son of Taz says:

    If I didn’t see the photos for myself, I wouldn’t believe anyone could be such a dumbass.

  6. big-pete says:

    What’s his beef with our Asian buddies? Did a Korean store owner once put some buckshot in barry’s backside?

  7. Fiberal says:

    Speaking of BO, this reminds me:

    Here’s at least one reason why the vote should be restricted. Not necessarily to punish certain citizens (that’s okay by me in any event) but to prevent the predatory liberal politicians from furthering this kind of human misery while coercing others to pay for it.

    (This is circulating around the web; herein with my edits):

    Every couple of days New Orleans loses one of its treasured “entrepreneurs”.

    Recently LARMONDO “FLAIR” ALLEN was gunned down on ML King Blvd in New Orleans at age 25.

    His Sons : Christian Allen
    Kwan Allen
    Larmondo Allen, Jr.

    His Daughters: Deidra Allen
    Larmenshell Allen
    Lamonshea Allen
    Larmomdriel Allen
    Larmerja Allen
    Korevell Allen.

    That’s 9 Children. At age 25.

    His Father: Burnell Thompson.

    His Mother: Esther Allen.

    His Stepfather: Bruce Gordy.

    His Brothers: Burnell Thompson
    Edgar Thompson
    Wil Willis
    Danta Edwards
    Reshe Edwards
    Mattnell Allen
    Burnell Allen
    Lester Allen.

    His Sisters: Shannail Craig
    Lekiksha Thompson
    Gwendolyn Carter
    Jessica Willis
    Katina Gordy.

    Grandparents: Delors Allen
    J.C. Allen
    Anna Laura Thompson
    Will Thompson.

    So, lets see now….

    His Father, Burnell Thompson, fathered his brothers Burnell, Edgar and his sister Lekiksha. His Stepfather, Bruce Gordy, fathered his Sister Katina. His Mother, Esther Allen, must have been unwed when she gave birth to: Larmondo, Mattnell, Burnell and Lester. The father of Wil Willis and Jessica Willis, or Dante and Reshe Edwards is unknown.

    All nine of Flair’s children are welfare recipients collecting $950 each, or $8,550 a month. Now add Food Stamps, Free medical, Free school lunches, free cell phones, free swimming pools, free midnight basketball, (and then we forget about the enormous costs of city services responding to calls, taxpayer-subsidized buses, the hidden cost of lost real estate in the inner cities, and so on).

    Call it $102,000+/year.

    Then bc of their father’s death, all of Flair’s kids will collect SS until they are 18.

    AND if Flair’s 13 brothers and sisters followed his entrepreneurial strategy, that’s another $1.3 million per year. And if all 13 brothers and sisters can duplicate his feat of 9 welfare strategists breeding 117 new recipients collecting $100,000/yr, that’s an additional $11,700,000.00/yr.

    You can imagine a similar amount paid out to millions of similar families engaged in the inner city life style around the country.

    The $11,700,000.00 is about 100% of the taxes demanded by the government from 1,000 average taxpayers.

    This is the liberal base. Tragic, stupid, pointless and miserable.

    The producers pay for it and as long as democrats run any kind of government whatsoever, citizens will continue to pay more and more and more just to see the problem get worse and worse and worse.

    Congratulations liberals. It looks like you win even when you lose.

  8. JT says:

    What a lao (doofus)

  9. wingmann says:

    I wonder why we have not been attacked yet….T O O L.

    I guess when we are destroying ourselves,just get out of the way.

  10. Night Train says:

    Someone tell that clown to keep his hands down.

  11. carl says:

    Our “Special Needs” pres.

  12. Bill T says:

    Fiberal repeat that for anchor babies as well.
    She has eight children(ANCHOR BABIES!), including Angel
    de Jesus, all of whom were born in the United States. Their future is now uncertain.

    Angel’s mother to stay in U.S.

  13. Duke says:

    Wow – little Barry is one pointy-headed little doofus!

    For the first time in my life, I’m (not) proud of my country (or at least the clown in chief). [H/T to Moochelle]

  14. Fiberal says:


    Right. You bring the Mexicans into the mix and we are well beyond the ability of the U.S. taxpayer to absorb the present entitlements.

    And since Mexican illegals have decided to become a basket race-case for entitlements, a critical question needs to be answered: namely, what is the carrying capacity of the U.S. taxpayer for Mexico?

    That is, is the U.S. planning to absorb all of Mexico?

    If so, will the policy of dripping them in a few thousand at a time work? Or is this going to exceed the carrying capacity?

    If so, then when?

    If not, then how are we going to pay for the fraction of Mexico we are trying to absorb?

    And how big is that fraction? 99%? 10%?

    Because if setting a quota is illegal, which is apparently assumed by D.C, then Washington is saying that the U.S. taxpayer is fundamentally on the hook for all of Mexico, along with their exponential growth rate.

    That’s where avoiding being called a racist is leading us.

  15. Fiberal says:

    And BTW, I don’t understand why someone who considers race in their tax bill should be considered a racist.

    But pick up my tax bill and you can call me anything you want.

  16. Simon H Gedney says:

    This is actually an improvement for Obama! He used to make “devil horns” over the head of state in front of him.


  17. Cameraman says:

    Will All Wobble Head, Window Lickers Please Raise their Hands!

  18. Alan says:

    Like any politician, Obama always has a hand out.

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