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May 24 2019

Not Even Buttigieg Is PC Enough for Academia

The belligerently homosexual mayor of a nondescript town in the Midwest is running for president on a platform of having a “husband,” not liking America, and wanting Thomas Jefferson erased. For personifying cultural degeneration, he is adored by the “mainstream” media. Time Magazine put him on the cover, reveling in the sacrilege of calling Pete Buttigieg and his gay paramour a “family”:

This is good enough for the media, for now. But not for academia. A Yale Professor of incomprehensible gender named Greta LaFleur sounds off on the cover photo in the Los Angeles Review of Books:

At first glance, one sees the anonymity of Norman Rockwell’s mid-century America: the house-unparticular porch, the timelessness of the couple form. Take another look and the pillars supporting the unseen roof of the porch start to resemble the Ionic columns of the White House, the background becoming a gesture or a promise of possibility. You begin to see the image in the aggregate, and the couple, girded by a backdrop literally overwhelmed by the household, becomes the timelessness of the entire image. This photo also tells a profound story about whiteness, above and beyond the fact that almost everything in this photo is, itself, white.

Professor LaFleur, whose gender cannot be determined since we can’t trust names anymore but who is obviously Caucasian, then goes on at length denouncing whiteness. Then he/she gets really weird and denounces the Time picture for its “heterosexuality” and for reminding him/her of “family values.”

The professor admits, “I literally have no idea what he stands for, or doesn’t,” but doesn’t care because Buttwhatever is white, a heterosexual homosexual (I guess; read the piece yourself and try to make sense of it), and not female.

Academics won’t be happy before they go into the dentist’s office and see on the cover of Time a racially correct transsexual presidential candidate photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe while engaged in a sick sex act.

Lagging slightly behind, the media scrambles to keep up.

On a tip from Kate P. Hat tip: College Fix.

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