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Apr 01 2020

Not Even Elton John Is PC Enough Now

Never mind the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, we have serious issues. While hosting the iHeart Living Room Concert for America on Sunday, Elton John failed to refer to the gender-neutral Sam Smith with the pronouns he demands.

Among Sam Smith fans, this is a big problem:

Grammy-winning singer Smith had come out as non-binary back in September 2019, announcing that they have changed their pronouns to gender-neutral ones: they/them/their.

And yet:

Introducing Smith, John said live on air: “Here from HIS bedroom in HIS home in London, is my dear friend Sam Smith” And taking it to Twitter right away, fans of Smith voiced their opinions on them getting misgendered constantly.

There have been calls for Elton John to be “canceled” — i.e., shunned by the herd.

Misgendering is a serious thought crime. Just because he is a flamboyant homosexual and “married” to another man does not place Elton John above the laws of political correctness. Unless he grovelingly apologizes at once, he should not only be canceled, but have his knighthood revoked.

Yes, Elton John really was knighted. At the rate society is decomposing, they may as well knight Sam Smith too.

On a tip from FighttheBeast.

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