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Mar 29 2020

Now a Word From Antifa Warrior Pancakekid05

Let’s have a break from all the coronavirus seriousness. Presenting Antifa warrior Pancakekid05, self-professed “true liberal and Democrat,” straight from an undisclosed location:

Now we have an explanation for why Antifa thugs engage in violence, often teaming up on the defenseless. “Authoritarianism in and of itself is a violent movement, so you have… you have to take… what… yeah, you gotta do what you gotta do, you know,” avers Pancakekid05, right before pleading with us to vote for Bernie Sanders.

If you were wondering who the hell would want to put Bernie Sanders in a position to turn the USA into Venezuela, now you know. Let’s hope his fellow true liberals are inspired by his compelling arguments to write in Bernie in November. If there are enough of them, they might help reelect Trump.

It must be a relief to his fellow Antifa losers to know that anime does not belong to the Alt Right. Anyone who is so inclined can jerk off looking at cartoon characters.

Let’s hope his mom doesn’t get mad at him for doing such a lousy job of cleaning his room.

On a tip from KMD.

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