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May 20 2020

…Now for the Bad News

The bad news for the preposterous Stacey Abrams is that it appears not even Joe Biden is short enough on brain cells to want her in the White House.

However, he has committed to picking the VP who will likely run the country while he submerges ever deeper into senility on the basis of not being male. Democrats screech that this isn’t good enough; the de facto president also can’t be white. So even if we have probably missed the Stacey Abrams train wreck, we may still be in for a rough ride — especially if Elizabeth Warren can convince Slow Joe that she really is an Indian.

Mark Dice has a laugh at the spectacle of Abrams figuring out that she may not be able to racially browbeat people into putting her in charge of the country after all:

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

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