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Dec 02 2019

Now Global Warming Makes Horses Fat

They’ve tried everything else. Maybe this will panic people into taking the global warming hoax seriously. Now we are told that global warming makes horses overweight:

Gillies Moffat, director of a veterinary centre in Hythe, Hampshire, said the wetter and warmer climate has meant the animal’s staple food has grown more rapidly than in the past.

The vet warned a “significant” percentage of horses he treats are overweight because of a range of modern “socioeconomic pressures” including climate change.

You have to credit the media with creativity. It gets harder every year to come up with new menaces supposedly caused by global warming. Yet the list continues to grow.

Warmer weather means more plant growth, including better crop yields. So does more CO2 in the air. Note how cleverly they spin this as bad.

On tips from Steve T and rpp618.

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