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Jan 31 2024

Now Harvard DEI Chief Accused of Plagiarism

In case anyone thought plagiarist, former Harvard President, and ludicrous moonbat Claudine Gay was an exception to the rule, it appears Harvard’s chief diversity and inclusion officer is also a plagiarist:

Sherri Ann Charleston, appears to have plagiarized extensively in her academic work, lifting large portions of text without quotation marks and even taking credit for a study done by another scholar—her own husband—according to a complaint filed with the university on Monday and a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

The complaint makes 40 allegations of plagiarism that span the entirety of Charleston’s thin publication record.

You can’t expect better than Claudine Gay with Affirmative Action hires in charge of hiring:

Charleston was the chief affirmative action officer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before she joined Harvard in August 2020 as its first-ever chief diversity officer. In that capacity, Charleston served on the staff advisory committee that helped guide the university’s presidential search process that resulted in the selection of former Harvard president Claudine Gay in December 2022, according to the Harvard Crimson.

Head of the National Association of Scholars Peter Wood characterizes Charleston’s scholarship as “research fraud pure and simple.” But you can’t say she hasn’t been doing her job, which is to institutionalize hatred of whites:

Since 2020, her office has pumped out a stream of materials that bemoan the “weaponization of whiteness,” discuss the ins and outs of “white fragility,” and urge students to “call out” their peers for “harmful words.”

“Harmful words” can be presumed to mean speech that does not comply with leftist doctrine grounded in DEI and Critical Race Theory.

Harvard’s commitment to this toxic dogma at the expense of integrity and competence is producing consequences:

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, one of Harvard Medical School’s three teaching hospitals, announced in January that it would retract six papers and correct dozens more after some of its top executives were accused of data manipulation. That news came on the heels of a viral essay in which Carole Hooven, a Harvard biologist, described how she had been hounded out of a teaching role by her department’s diversity committee after she said in an interview that there are only two sexes.

Serious medical research cannot be conducted where facts are forbidden in the name of politics.

The school is also facing an ongoing congressional probe over its handling of anti-Semitism and its response to the plagiarism allegations against Gay, which Harvard initially sought to suppress with legal saber-rattling.

Harvard has an endowment of $51 billion, but its most valuable asset has been its reputation for excellence. This reputation has been exchanged for laughing stock status in the name of moonbattery.

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