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Nov 26 2019

Now It Is Racist Not to Like Indian Food

Every opinion is now interpreted through the lens of Cultural Marxism. That means we are no longer permitted to dislike Indian food, because that would be racist.

Via the BBC:

“Indian food is terrible and we pretend it isn’t,” said international affairs professor Tom Nichols. …

The remark led to a wider discussion of the immigrant experience and how many in the US have experienced racism in relation to food. …

[Screeching moonbats] pointed out how smell and flavour have long been prevalent in racist comments towards minorities, and accused Mr Nichols of intolerance. …

[S]ome foodies dismissed the row outright saying simply: “I see someone on twitter has racist views on Indian food. Well, more for me then.”

Good thing I love Mexican food. That means I am a good person. Unless it means I am a bad person for committing the sin of cultural appropriation.

Let’s hope they discover a Third World country where the favorite cuisine is dried monkey turds. It would be hilarious to watch self-righteous moonbats munch on them and pretend to enjoy it. But then, if they can swallow their own ideology, maybe they would like the taste.

On a tip from Steve T.

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