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Jul 16 2020

Now the Term “Prolife” Is Racist

The magic word “racist” gives liberal bullies power to impose even the most outrageous demands. If they can force the Washington Redskins to stop honoring Indians by changing their name, why can’t they get the word “prolife” deleted from the Newspeak Dictionary, so that we will have no word to express opposition to 2,362 American lives being lost each day to abortion? Jamil Smith starts the ball rolling:

Rolling Stone senior writer Jamil Smith opined that the word “pro-life” has so often been used in service to racism and misogyny that it should be retired like the name “Redskins.”

If Smith were a little brighter, the irony of his demand might make his own head explode. Abortion kills a far higher percentage of black than white babies. Why would opposing it be racist?

The answer: because everything the radical left doesn’t like is racist. The word “racist” has no meaning other than to serve as a club to impose compliance. It is effective only because people are afraid of being canceled if they are branded a witch, I mean a racist.

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