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Sep 19 2012

Now We Get to Pay Murdering Pervert’s Legal Bills

It’s not enough for the moonbats in charge to force us to pay for homicidal freak Robert Kosilek’s extravagantly expensive sex change operation. We will also get clobbered with his legal bills:

The transsexual wife killer who has just been granted a stated-funded sex change is also entitled to be reimbursed by the state for years of legal bills.

A judge ruled [Sunday] that Michelle Lynne Kosilek, 63, of Mansfield [Massachusetts], who was born Robert Kosilek, was eligible for the ‘large amount’ of money because the case dates back many years.

U. S. District Court Chief Judge Mark Wolf ruled earlier this month that the state prisons department violated Kosilek’s rights by refusing to pay for a sex change.

Kosilek was found guilty of murdering his wife in 1990. In a sane world, he would have stopped being a burden to society 22 years ago.

We supposedly have a representative form of government. But the moonbattery prevailing in the legal system represents no one except criminals and the screwball liberal elite.

The kind of guy who benefits under rule by moonbats.

On a tip from AC.

26 Responses to “Now We Get to Pay Murdering Pervert’s Legal Bills”

  1. anothercommie says:

    Sometimes I want to buy Dave a trip to Saudi Arabia and tell him it’s New Mexico.

  2. Louisiana Steve says:

    Shouldn’t ‘she’ be allowed to get state funded contraception? Afterall, even if ‘she’ or ‘it’ doesn’t need this entitlement, denying free contraception in this case would be racist to the liberals.

  3. Bloodless Coup says:

    Expect more of the same, so long as Obama stays in power.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. anothercommie says:

    Louisiana Steve: It wouldn’t make sense, since transgen post-op (or whatever it is called in Engish) can’t reproduce.

    And I don’t know why race should play in here at all.

  5. klae says:

    Eye bleach! Eye bleach!

  6. StanInTexas says:

    So now we have judges in this country that think people have a RIGHT to change their gender?

    What abject idiocy!

  7. Dr. 9 says:

    He/she/it should be sent to Saudi Arabia for “proper treatment”. The judge should also be sent there and beheaded since he obviously doesn’t use it anyway.

  8. Momster says:

    anothercommie says:
    September 19, 2012 at 6:20 am Louisiana Steve: It wouldn’t make sense, since transgen post-op (or whatever it is called in Engish) can’t reproduce.

    And I don’t know why race should play in here at all.

    Oh, anothercommie–not being from the Peopes Republic of Massachusetts, you just don’t get it!

    His receiving free government (stolen from taxpayers) money for contraception has NOTHING to do with anything in the real world. Its all about his FEELINGS. Mustn’t, mustn’t ever hurt someone’s feelings. Its against the law.

    Unless one is a smoker, overweight, white male, Christian or pious Jew, working for a living, paying taxes, voting Republicsn, respectfully displaying an American Flag, or a member of the TEA Party. Then the floodgates of verbal, physical, or legal abuse open and poop is heaped upon your head. Any manner of verbal abuse or threat is flung at you with impunity. Kind of like monkeys at the zoo flinging poo at the public to amuse themselves.

    PS, where is the race of the felon mentioned? Do you have a reading disability? Just wondering. You often seem to read things into an article that just aren’t there.

  9. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    If this judge is so worried about this freak’s legal bills, maybe he should pay for them himself. Maybe then he’d think before making an idiotic ruling like this. Please tell me this guy is an elected judge and not one appointed for life…

  10. dan says:

    a face that only a camel jockey could love….
    must be popular in the general population

  11. Henry says:

    After looking at the pic of that thing, we should be demanding a refund.

  12. Spider says:

    AMERICA, n.

    Once ‘a shining city on the hill’, whose bright light of liberty illuminated every dark corner of tyranny, it suffered an ignoble end, when it abandoned its founding principles and was destroyed from within…

  13. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    It’s a brave new world out there
    One where those who share the same political persuasion as anothercommie automatically side with the violent felon
    Of course in the comment section, the perverts all crawl out of the woodwork to proclaim their innocence.
    Obviously moonbats only see incarceration as punishment, and not to protect society from the scumbags as well.
    This is also why when they see the US as having higher incarceration rates than third world Marxist hellholes or blacks, the obvious answer is to crank open the prison gates
    They blame racist cops for targeting high crime arias rather than frisking down white Grandma as she exit’s the quilt shop.
    Or blame laws themselves
    Or even better yet, insinuate that this is an attempt to suppress the black vote
    Hence we have run full circle, arriving at the true motive for all this tear jerking

  14. AC says:

    anothercommie doesn’t seem to know that post-op trannies have been prescribed the pill by moonbat psychiatrists who enable the delusion. The point of it is making the patient feel like a “real woman” even if that means unnecessary risks and side effects. These patients feel validated by participating in a female ritual.

    One would think that any woman would be thrilled to be free of the female hormone and mood swings, but when dealing with moonbattery, that assumption would be wrong.

  15. Musicmaven says:

    His wife lost all her rights when he murdered her. Robert Kosilek is another star poster child for capital punishment!

  16. FrankW says:

    I am honestly in favor of prisoners being denied access to courts for anything other than case related to that for which they were convicted. How about penal colonies? Aleutian islands, monthly supply airdrop, for any prisoner with a sentence over 40 years. Under 40 get a choice between that or hard labor.

  17. AC says:

    Everybody deserves a second chance.

    That Aleutian airdrop sounds like a good idea. We push him out at 10k, and if he can flap his wings and fly, then he gets a second chance.

  18. Doug says:

    Hi lao, tell your dad he should use less rouge and more foundation.

  19. Mr Evilwrench says:

    OK, sounds like a plan. I should get convicted of some felonies, maybe make an anti-islam film or something, then I can get my sciatic nerve issues fixed, and be made into some hideous caricature of a female (SHUT UP TEABAGGER, YOU OWE ME THAT) and then I can be sent to the place where all the prisoners are hot chicks (you’ve watched the movies, don’t deny it) for some hot… wait, with all the hormones I won’t care anymore. Gonna have to think on this one some more.

  20. Louisiana Steve says:

    Thanks AC! That’s the point I was trying to make. It’s not a matter of race. It’s a matter of the insanity behind liberalism.

  21. Jimbo says:

    There is a 25-cent solution.

  22. Doug says:

    Jimbo, where can you get a .44 magnum round for 25 cents?

  23. Jester says:

    anothercommie says:

    And I don’t know why race should play in here at all.

    Exactly. The only time a Democrat cries racism is when it feels threatened.

  24. Noelegy says:

    And may I just add that he makes one U G L Y woman.

  25. fubar says:

    has anyone ever considered doing a simple DNA test on someone demanding a sex change? wouldn’t that be the icing on the cake?

    Uh, sorry dude, you got XY. Live with it.

    Just because doctors can do it, doesn’t mean they should.

  26. Momster says:

    I think Jimbo is living in the past and sitting on a store of older ammo he bought when the dollar meant something.

    I would call it a 67 1/2 cent solution.

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