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Jul 12 2019

NY Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou Steps in Her Own Mess

Yuh-Line Niou represents lower Manhattan in the State Assembly. She was appalled when she got off the subway at Bowling Green and found the way blocked by bogus ticket sellers.

These hawkers are notorious for preying on tourists around the Battery, even going so far as to “sell” tickets to the Staten Island Ferry, which is free to ride.

What’s worse, when she reported them for harassment to nearby NYPD officers, the cops refused to lift a finger.

“I went over to tell them, and they said that the city is choosing to doing [sic] nothing. They literally said, ‘Nobody cares. The city doesn’t care.’” Shocked by this disregard for maintaining public order, Niou identified herself as an elected official, but this, too, made no difference. “They said that the city doesn’t care. @NYCMayor told them not to do anything.”

This a relative innocuous example of what happens when you elect a leftist punk to be mayor of New York City.

Poor lady…

Niou thus faced what many New Yorkers increasingly encounter on the streets and subways of our city — creeping disorder, antisocial behavior and a prevailing sense that “the city doesn’t care.” She was verbally assaulted — in vulgar terms — by scammers blocking pedestrian traffic, and the police stood and shrugged.

But read further before bursting into tears on her behalf. She helped create the situation she grouses about.

Niou has been the subject of glowing profiles in Vogue and local media. … Niou has been tagged … as a fiercely progressive legislator aiming to push extensive and radical criminal justice “reforms,” among other priorities.

Assemblymoonbat Niou is so avidly in favor of lawlessness that she endorsed Tiffany Cabán for Queens district attorney.

Did her confrontation with reality open her eyes? It did not:

“Close rikers. No new jails. Change our criminal-justice system,” she tweeted a few hours after her encounter with the thugs at Bowling Green.

Since they will resolutely refuse to learn from the experience anyway, our liberal ruling class is advised to stay secure in its ivory tower and not venture out into the cities that their policies are rendering uninhabitable.

On a tip from Sean C.

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