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Jul 28 2019

NYC Budget Sets Aside Money for Drag Queen Story Hour

Imagine yourself standing in a filthy ghetto kitchen with no light but a dying flashlight. You shine it on one cockroach, then another; some grudgingly withdraw into crevices. Meanwhile, more creep out behind you, bolder than ever, waving their antennae with a hideous suggestiveness. That’s what it is like to live at a time so morally decayed that drag queen story hour events have spread throughout the country.

From Queens:

Residents, officials and lawmakers gathered at the public library in Jackson Heights on Thursday for a special reading by New York City-based drag queen Angel Elektra to commemorate increases in public library funding included in the city’s 2020 fiscal budget.

The budget specifically sets aside $25,000 “for Drag Queen Story Hour programming.”

Let’s hope that some of that will go toward background checks, so that the flamboyant perverts at least do not have criminal records for sex offenses against children, as has happened twice with drag queen story hours in Houston.

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