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Feb 26 2020

NYC Building Could Lose 20 Floors

Not even Ayn Rand could come up with a story more starkly symbolic of the limitations imposed by moonbattery than this:

[A] New York State Supreme Court judge has ruled that as many as 20 floors or more must be taken out from the top of the almost-complete 200 Amsterdam Avenue tower in Manhattan. …

According to The New York Times, “the decision is a major victory for community groups who opposed the project on the grounds that the developers used a zoning loophole to create the tallest building on the West Side north of 61st Street.”

The ruling decrees that the nearly completed building must be partially demolished for rising too high. No doubt Bernie Sanders et al regard this as a victory for architectural justice.

Manhattan is an island. Where is it supposed to grow if not upward?

The answer: It is not supposed to grow. Progressivism is about contracting, not growing.

Muslims need not bother flying planes into our most majestic buildings. The sort of moonbats who have taken over New York will prevent us from building them in the first place.

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