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Jan 17 2012

NYC Business Bled to Death Over Toy Guns

Once again liberals willfully fail to distinguish between the real and the unreal, as police state style gun laws are applied even to toys in the People’s Republic of New York:

The owner of a discount store in Brooklyn says the city is holding him up for $30,000 in fines he can’t afford — all because he stocked six toy sheriff sets that included plastic guns.

And now the .44-caliber fines for the orange-tipped, obvious fakes are forcing him to close for good.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” said Khaled Mohamed, 23, manager of 99¢ Target in Flatlands, which has been ordered to pay a staggering $5,000 fine for each gun offered for sale — the maximum under the law.

Sure it makes sense, once you understand that the objective of authoritarian liberal regimes is to make it impossible to earn a living through non-coercive economic activities. Only when the last 99¢ store has been fined into bankruptcy can we at last enter into moonbat utopia.

Congratulations to the Bloomberg regime on subjecting another capitalist exploiter to The People’s justice. Don’t worry about Mohemed; he can always sign up for welfare.

Pretext enough to destroy a business in NYC.

On tips from Mickey Shea and Sean.

31 Responses to “NYC Business Bled to Death Over Toy Guns”

  1. Mickey Shea says:

    NYC is the most predatory business climate I have ever run across. I ran a tech business here for many years.
    The goal of the city agencies are twofold:
    To collect as much money as possible from you and,
    To try and shut you down.
    When I finally got sick of it and shut down my business I got a letter from the Dept of Labor in NYC claiming I owed them 25 grand. I showed the letter to my accountant and he worked out that I actually owed them
    $42.15. That was the last payment I ever made to these
    Here’s another humdinger story:–abc-news.html

  2. Jeff says:

    Why would any one want to visit that city, or continue to live there? The rabid fanatics that misrule that city are insane. To treat a toy as if it were the same as the real thing is insane.

  3. kiplingsburdens says:

    I can answer why I still live here.. not that I want to… I would face $250,000 in taxes to sell my home. Until I can find a russian mobster willing to pay me in $100 bills (not that hard actually) I am stuck.

    NY is not America, bu America is looking more like NY everyday thanks to the Mahogany Godling and the rest of the 4th Branch of of government the Administrative Bureaucracy he continues to grow .

  4. Dr. 9 says:

    Two Coffees:

    Having arrived at the Gates of Heaven, Barack Obama meets a man with a beard. ‘Are you Mohammed?’ he asks.

    ‘No my son, I am St. Peter; Mohammed is higher up.’ Peter then points to a ladder that rises into the clouds.

    Delighted that Mohammed should be higher than St. Peter, Obama climbs the ladder in great strides, climbs up through the clouds and comes into a room where he meets other bearded man.

    He asks again, ‘Are you Mohammed?’

    ‘Why no he answers, I am Moses; Mohammed is higher still .’

    Exhausted, but with a heart full of joy he climbs the ladder yet again, he discovers a larger room where he meets an angelic looking man with a beard. Full of hope, he asks again, ‘Are you Mohammed?’

    ‘No, I am Jesus, the Christ…you will find Mohammed higher up. ‘

    Mohammed higher than Jesus! Man, oh man! Obama can hardly contain his delight
    and climbs and climbs ever higher.

    Once again, he reaches an even larger room where he meets this truly magnificent looking man with a silver white beard and once again repeats his question, “Are you Moammed?” he gasps as he is by now, totally out of breath from all his climbing.
    ‘No, my son…. I am Almighty God, the Alpha and the Omega, but you look exhausted. Would you like a cup of coffee?”

    Obama says, Yes please. As God looks behind him, he claps his hands and yells out:

    “Hey Mohammed – two coffees!”

    Keep your trust in God… your president is an idiot…

  5. Spider says:

    This outrage is the result of having queen Bloomberg as NYC’s ruler. As everyone knows, His Majesty is the nations #1 anti-2nd Amendment zealot. There is no place in the country where it is harder, more expensive, or more “deliberately difficult” for a law abiding citizen to exercise their Constitutional right to self defense.

    For those who don’t know, Bloomberg is a mega-billionaire, life-long Demoncrat, and hard-core Fascist, who believes that because of his wealth and authority, everyone must live as he says they must. If he doesn’t like it, you can’t do it! And if you do, he’ll either make it a “crime”, or tax you into submission.

  6. Henry says:

    New York State Code, Article 39-B, § 871:

    “2. “Imitation weapon” means any device or object made of plastic, wood, metal or any other material which substantially [vague and unclear] duplicates or can reasonably be perceived [vague and unclear] to be an actual firearm, air rifle, pellet gun, or “B-B” gun; unless such imitation weapon (a) is colored other than black, blue, silver or aluminum, (b) is marked with a non-removable orange stripe which is at least one inch in width and runs the entire length of the barrel on each side and the front end of the barrel, and (c) has a barrel at least one inch in diameter that is closed for a distance of not less than one-half inch from the front-end of its barrel with the same material of which the imitation weapon is made.”

    While part of the code is vague as to it’s meanings, under subsection “b”, the guy is screwed. The real flaw is in the penalties applied to violations.

    US Constitution, Eighth Amendment:

    “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

    However, if the owner can’t afford a $5400 fine, he’s certainly not going to be able to afford a challenge to the Constitutionality of the law.

    Government hyper-regulation crushes another business…

  7. StanInTexas says:

    NYC is full of such GFW’s that they are now afraid of TOY guns?

    I guess the next initiative for Bloomberg is a bus tour to all the 5 and Dime stores in the nation to get these dangerous “weapons” off of the shelf.

    Does anyone know how many armed guards Bloomberg has around him 24-7?

  8. dan says:

    I guess that’s why it’s called the (sic Evil)Empire State.

  9. Jay B. says:

    When I was a kid, my friends and I had metallic cap revolvers… for ten cents each, we had enough of these ammo to play all day.

    If we did that today, the police would probably have shot us all dead. Heck, at 14 my da gave my an airsoft rifle, I would have been on a terrorist watchlist after the first shot.

  10. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I have some friends in California who told me they were “trapped” there because they have decided to wait until their home reclaimed it’s original value.
    Then California elected Gov. Moonbeam.
    Now they will leave when their home buys them the airfare out.

  11. nobody says:

    Ballot Initiative in CA to force a November Vote on ‘Shall Issue’ for CCW.

    If you live in CA, chip in and get 10 legit signatures of registered voters. Even in CA, liberals are buying guns like crazy, so get them to sign this also.

    So here is what to do to help in Front Sight’s historic campaign to secure Shall Issue Concealed Carry for California.

    To see the actual language of the Shall Issue Concealed Carry Proposition and print the signature gathering forms with specific instructions to properly gather VALID signatures go to this web page:

    Simply follow the instructions on and start gathering valid signatures.

    Please forward this e-mail as well to all of your fellow California gun owners, take it into your local California gun shops, drop it off at all the booths at your favorite gun shows and lets QUICKLY get all of the required, valid signatures to place the California Shall Issue Concealed Carry Proposition on the November 2012 General Election Ballot!

    I told you that Front Sight had some amazing announcements, projects, and opportunities for 2012. This is just one of them!

    Follow our lead and help us bring Shall Issue Concealed Carry to Californians in 2012.
    We will do it!

    Link to Front Sight:

  12. IslandLifer says:

    Good one Dan. And I truly feel sorry for any American stuck inside that hole called NY. I along with all my friends and family have boycotted NY and CA. When they come crying to Uncle Sam for a bailout from their failure, heads need to roll.

  13. nobody says:

    @ IslandLifer

    People and businesses are leaving CA in droves!

    I’m lucky, and not under water on any property. Warming the engine up to go also.

  14. Cameraman says:

    NYC= Nanny Doomberg.Paranoid, Insane, Liberal Chicken Shits…PERIOD !

  15. Henry says:


    I’ll have 20 valid signatures by the end of the week. 100 by the end of the month.

  16. nobody says:


    Even the local equipment rental guys are slinging petitions around.

    I’m with you.

    Thank you.

    Semper Fi,

  17. nobody says:


    April 20th is the deadline for submittion to the state, meaning, get them into Front Sight to vet (professionals on pay) the sigs before then.

    Semper Fi,

  18. Henry says:

    Sounds good; all petitions sent to FS by April 1.

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  20. JTW says:

    “NYC is full of such GFW’s that they are now afraid of TOY guns?”

    They’re just following the leftist mantra of mimmicking Europe to create a perfect society.
    In many EU countries toy guns are considered the same as real ones under firearms laws and thus banned completely, using similar clauses like “being illegal if similar to a real weapon according to arresting officers”.

    Happens in EU countries several times a year, including people who prior had the goods approved by police for sale (one officer writes a note it’s ok, other officer comes along and arrests the seller because he does consider it “too similar to a real gun”).

  21. John A says:

    The rationale is that a replica or toy gum, in an ill-lit potentially dangerous situation, could be mistaken for a real firearm and some kid be shot by someone. Well, maybe.

    But, I remember that when it was being pushed through, the newspapers had a pic of Bloomers-in-a-twist brandishing a translucent-green water pistol that looked like a Buck Rogers 1930s ray gun.

  22. Allan R says:

    Do you think that Nanny Bloomberg is protected by armed guards, and may even have a weapons permit himself? As an anointed one who can change the re-election law to allow himself to run for a third term, we know that the “law”: does not apply to him

  23. Mike T says:

    Do you think that Nanny Bloomberg is protected by armed guards, and may even have a weapons permit himself?

    What we need is an “equal misery” federal law that makes it a felony for any rich individual or government employee to have a private firearm, security detail (including regularly assigned police protection) or live in a gated community of any type in a jurisdiction where gun rights are generally restricted into non-existence.

  24. Korla Pundit says:

    Will anybody in the state or federal government step in to correct the way that New York City is treating unwary visitors who have legal permits to carry guns, but who don’t realize that such right doesn’t travel with them into the city?

    Is this not a national issue, violating more than one Constitutional Amendment? Is this not a threat to interstate commerce? To the most basic rights of innocent American citizens? To the very idea of liberty and the right to due process? A violation of the separation of powers, stripping judges of the right to judge?

    More and more innocent tourists are facing mandatory years in prison, thanks to draconian gun laws that do not even give judges leeway in differentiating between armed drug gang members and Marines on planes that inadvertantly get diverted to New York, or little old ladies who think that the Big Apple will be as freedom-loving as any other city in the nation.

    People at least need to be warned if they’re traveling, not just to New York, but if they’re boarding a plane that MIGHT touch down in New York for a transfer. It can ruin their lives, all because they wanted to go on an innocent vacation.

    This issue needs to be in the public spotlight. Even as a New Yorker, it has reached the point that I would even cheer a boycott of New York tourism, which is its biggest revenue stream, until the billionaire who runs this martial state stops pushing what he calls “common-sense gun laws.” Everybody should at least know that a trip to New York means leaving their guns at home, or going to prison.

    To allow them to come and get arrested is the definition of entrapment. Now that the Supreme Court has held that the 2nd Amendment applies to individuals, the time has come to force the city to follow the Constitution at long last.

    I don’t even own a gun, and probably never will, but every day I feel less and less liberty, from the drug war, the gun war, and now the fat, salt, and soda war. I feel that every step I take down the block is being watched for the opportunity to issue a summons, by under-educated badge-holders who don’t know the laws, but who treat the slogan “Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect” as a list of things that the citizens should be showing to them!

    Somebody at the federal or state level needs to put the brakes on the out-of-control Mayor who is going to ruin New York’s reputation for visitors, businesses and citizens alike, irreparable for decades to come. But worse, he feels he has free reign to terrorize his own citizens.

    New York got to be the greatest city on Earth because of its historic freedom of enterprise, freedom of expression, and a natural, organic, true diversity unenforced by strict government mandate, since its days as a Dutch colony. It would not have earned its place in the world through constant and growing intrusion by elite, micromanaging dictators.

    Somebody must stand up for the people, who have had enough.

  25. lookinc closely says:

    “The rationale is that a replica or toy gum, in an ill-lit potentially dangerous situation, could be mistaken for a real firearm and some kid be shot by someone.”

    So therefore, no kid in the city of NYC should ever be allowed to possess a toy gun?

    In the movie Casino, a jumpy cops shoots a Mobster to death, because he’s holding a sub sandwich wrapped in aluminum foil.

    Its a good thing Czar Bloomberg hasn’t seen the movie, otherwise every sub shop in NYC would have to switch to plastic wrap!

  26. Russ says:

    Those of you who asked about Bloomberg and did he have a security detail?…yes. A contact at a stockbrokerage that he often visited relates that several (four or so) plainclothes types would filter into the specific corridor, then Bloomberg would show up with a whole retinue of badged officers outside, with unmarked cars down the street both ways. Figure maybe 16 – 20 +, paid for by the poor sods trying to make a living in hell.

  27. Grumpy Pelican says:

    I looked at the little set and I don’t even think it’s about the toy gun anymore. It couldn’t be. Maybe it’s that they don’t want kids to grow up as independent and confident individuals who can think for themselves. Maybe they want kid’s heroes to be nanny state windbags or maybe they are playing to some audience. I noticed the little mask there which must be a tip o’ the hat to Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger. There was a true role model to kids on a Saturday afternoon spent running around the neighborhood with our little plastic hats and badges and, yes, little toy cowboy guns. Oh, but maybe they don’t even want kids playing without the proper supervisors monitoring their behavior anymore.

  28. richard40 says:

    So now the idiot Bloomberg isn’t satisfied with persecuting people with legal real guns. Now he has to go after toy guns as well. I am remembering the movie Christmass Story, and the kid that got his long awaited Red Rider bb gun, from his dad. Bloomberg would probably give his dad a life sentance for that one. The biggest mistake Guliani (who otherwise was a pretty good mayor) ever made what when he endorsed this fascist idiot for mayor.

  29. Does raise an interesting question — at what point do such fines constitute “cruel and unusual punishment”?

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  31. FURB says:

    Man, things have come a LONG way since the days before the civil war, when NYC was poised to secede and become it’s own free trade zone. Wake me up for the zombie apocalypse, oh, wait. I keep forgetting that it is already upon us.

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