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Oct 12 2019

NYC Department of Correction Bans Word “Perp”

Inner Party members are encouraged to update their copies of the Newspeak Dictionary at once. The word “perp” to describe those incarcerated for perpetrating crimes has been found to be insensitive to criminals and is therefore banned in New York:

As the City Council weighs new legislation to guarantee more “humane” living accommodations for inmates — including calling them by their preferred pronouns — the Department of Correction has quietly revamped its rules for identifying inmates to make it more prisoner-friendly…

In order to display the politically correct degree of obsequiousness, inmates must be referred to as “individuals” or “persons.”

“It’s BS that you can’t call them ‘perps’,” griped a DOC source after reviewing the order. “All part of [Mayor Bill] de Blasio’s plan to coddle criminals. Inmates get treated better than us [correction officers]. We used to call them bodies or packages.

“Now if you say on the radio you have five persons, does that mean inmates, visitors, construction workers, counselors, etc. It is confusing.”

Mission accomplished. The intent of Newspeak Dictionary revisions is to further restrict our ability to express incorrect thoughts.

To distinguish between criminals and the law-abiding is to make a distinction that will not exist in utopia. It could serve to confer stigma. We are all the same, except thought criminals, who are bad. Vocabulary that allows us to distinguish between people who are the same is unnecessary wrongthink.

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