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Mar 28 2012

NYC Educrats Suppress Long List of Words

The next edition of the Newspeak dictionary will be substantially thinner, now that the clowns running New York City’s education establishment have declared a long list of words to be forbidden:

The New York City Department of Education is waging a war on words of sorts, and is seeking to have words they deem upsetting removed from standardized tests.

Fearing that certain words and topics can make students feel unpleasant, officials are requesting 50 or so words be removed from city-issued tests.

The list of banned words and subjects includes:

• Birthday celebrations (and birthdays)
• Cigarettes (and other smoking paraphernalia)
• Computers in the home (acceptable in a school or library setting)
• Crime
• Homes with swimming pools
• Hunting
• Junk food
• Loss of employment
• Politics
• Religion
• Religious holidays and festivals (including but not limited to Christmas, Yom Kippur, and Ramadan)
• Terrorism
• Weapons (guns, knives, etc.)

Soon it will be more efficient for educrats to issue lists of words that are still permitted. This list will eventually be pared down to “Mmm, mmm, mmm! Barack Hussein Obama.”

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott keeps children safe from dangerous words.

On tips from Fiberal, Dave H, and RAK.

21 Responses to “NYC Educrats Suppress Long List of Words”

  1. Agnostic Conservative says:

    Also included: Dinosaur

  2. kiplingsburdens says:

    On the list of “approved words”: Felching, Pedophilia, homoerotic, lesbian, transgender, sadism, dominatrix, bondage (not to be used with slavery), gerbiling, glory hole… There has to be more…

  3. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Sing For Change, Comrades!

    Music and lyrics by Lily Campbell

    We’re gonna spread happiness
    We’re gonna spread freedom
    Obama’s gonna change it
    Obama’s gonna lead ‘em

    We’re gonna change it
    And rearrange it
    We’re gonna change the world.

    Make sure to use correct website and party-approved songing, comrades!

  4. modd kenwood says:

    ^ fisting

    felching I’d not heard of…I google’d it…good Lord

  5. StanInTexas says:

    Dinosaur? How could that possibly offend people?

  6. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Look on the bright side
    By banning the words “loss of employment” they should be fully prepared for the “non-employment” this public school offers them.

  7. jerry says:

    do these people get their brains from the same pile of shit????

  8. Jay B. says:

    Newspeek is doubleplus good!

  9. Wilberforce says:

    **Breaking News**

    Key charges dropped against Hutaree militia.

    Moonbats everywhere observed wearing sackcloth and ashes.

  10. KHarn says:

    To save the Canadian commie time and effort, I will post his usual reaction:

    “rolls eyes” “LOL!” “you are so parinoid” “no one’s banning words” “Unrelated statistic” “Ignoring subject” “Snotty remark about “Stanwee”.” “Misspelling names”

    This is what YOU’RE fighting for, commie weather you like it or not. It matters not what YOU want, your MASTERS will decide what you get.

  11. AC says:

    Next up:

    – Money
    – Investment
    – Job
    – Work
    – Success
    – Law-abiding
    – Able
    – Self-made

  12. Sam says:

    – Independent thought

  13. KHarn says:


  14. Jimbo says:

    “If no one says ‘weapons’ they will cease to exist,” said the liberal ostrich fool.

    Hmmm – no one says ‘n****r’ any more and…

  15. Fiberal says:

    StanInTexas says:
    March 28, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    Dinosaur? How could that possibly offend people?

    Possibly for fear that the association of ‘dinosaur’ might evoke images of evolution.

    (Thereby offending the conservative right and muslims.)

    Possibly, same reason that Dave left it off the list.

  16. Bo Jangles says:

    What did you think would happen when a gay mayor puts one of his gay “friends” in charge of the city’s schools?

  17. bobdog says:

    Dinosaur, including the most vicious of them all, the Thesaurus.

  18. James McEnanly says:

    When I was in what is now middle school, I was reading books and stories by such people as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Heinlein. By the time these people are finished, high school seniors will barely be able to muddle through Doctor Seuss.

  19. whotothewhat says:

    Some words that will not ever see on this list.










  20. son of a preacher man says:

    I was raised by and grew up around alot of Christian conservatives. Never met one offended by the word dinosaur or evolution.

  21. beforethestorm says:

    Double plus dumbass

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