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Aug 20 2020

NYC Layoffs and Chirlane McCray’s Massive Staff

Piled on top of COVID-19, Bill de Blasio’s leftist lunacy has been driving businesses and taxpayers out of New York City en masse. This will take a toll. De Blasio warns that 22,000 city workers could lose their jobs by the fall.

This may even cut into his wife Chirlane McCray’s 14-member staff. It includes city employees deputized from other public agencies, like the $70,000 videographer recruited from the Department of Health, who filmed her making ginger snaps during the lockdown.

From Fox News:

Other members of the shadow staff … are a $143,000-a-year public relations director, also from the Department of Health, and a special assistant from the mayor’s office who makes $115,000.

Then there’s the $130,000 “executive program specialist” from the Dept. of Social Services and $65,000 “associate director of advance” to the first lady. …

Despite its ranks and generous salaries, the team hasn’t posted an update to McCray’s public schedule since last year.

Too bad some of them can’t be reassigned to dig parks out from under the garbage that has been piling up or fill the anarchic gaps left by a $1 billion punitive cut to the NYPD.

Frivolous and wasteful as it might seem, Chirlane McCray’s staff is actually crucial in the fight against COVID-19:

Mayor Bill de Blasio said his wife, Chirlane McCray, needs a 14-member staff that costs city taxpayers nearly $2 million a year because they’re helping New Yorkers recover from the coronavirus pandemic. …

“This work is about the needs of the people of this city especially in this crisis,” he said after being asked about the apparent waste of taxpayer funds during a budget crisis. …

“The task force on racial inclusion and equity … has been moving big policy changes literally with the purpose of redistributing resources to the communities that are most affected” by COVID-19, de Blasio said.

It is very important that coronavirus resources be redistributed according to the cultural Marxist pecking order. Chirlane McCray is just the leftist for the job, and she can’t be expected to do it alone. Maybe they could lay off a few extra EMTs and paramedics instead so as to keep her fully staffed.

On tips from R F, Chuck A, ABC of the ANC, and Mr. Freemarket.


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