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Jan 08 2019

NYC Mayor Proclaims Free Healthcare for All

Rejoice! Utopia has arrived in New York City. Now anyone can demand the best healthcare in the world at someone else’s expense:

New York City will begin guaranteeing comprehensive health care to every single resident regardless of someone’s ability to pay or immigration status, an unprecedented plan that will protect the more than half-a-million New Yorkers currently using the ER as a primary provider, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

This is not an ObamaCare-style Big Government bid to muscle into the healthcare insurance industry. It is straightforward communism.

“This is the city paying for direct comprehensive care (not just ERs) for people who can’t afford it, or can’t get comprehensive Medicaid — including 300,000 undocumented New Yorkers,” spokesman Eric Phillips tweeted.

De Blasio said the plan will provide primary and specialty care, from pediatrics to OBGYN, geriatric, mental health and other services, to the city’s roughly 600,000 uninsured.

Feeling blue or maybe a little neurotic? The taxpayer will pick up the tab for a therapist. Punished with a baby? The taxpayer will pay to have him or her killed.

Barks de Blasio,

“Health care isn’t just a right in theory, it must be a right in practice. And we’re doing that here in this city.”

A sanctuary city where immigration law is not enforced offers free world-class healthcare to all comers including illegal aliens. What could go wrong?

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