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Dec 18 2018

NYC Public Schools Impose Mediocrity Through Racism

It is actually possible to get a decent education at NYC public schools. But only if you get into certain high schools.

These specialized high schools, which admit students based on a single exam, are the “crown jewels” of the city’s school system; they count 14 alumni as Nobel laureates. But the mayor is irritated by the racial composition a merit-based entrance exam yields. At Stuyvesant, the most selective of these schools, the student body is 74% Asian, 19% white, 3% Latino and 1% African-American.

This is intolerable, because it gives the lie to the fundamental liberal dictum that people of all races are equal in all ways. Once this lie is exposed, the entire ideology collapses.

No worries, Bill de Blasio can fix it — by rigging the system against whites and Asians. His Discovery Program offers Affirmative Action slots to “underprivileged” kids who cannot cut it on the exam but who have the right skin color.

No one cares about whites because that would be a thought crime, but some care about Asians. As at Harvard, a lawsuit has been filed.

[T]he mayor justifies his effort by noting that only 10% of Black or Latino students get offers from the specialized high schools even though they account for nearly 70% of the city’s high school population.

That’s because it is based on merit. Therefore, merit must go.

Already, there is precious little merit to be found in NYC public schools.

The latest scores on New York’s state tests show only 46.7% of the city’s third through eighth graders proficient in English and 42.7% in math, with the number dropping to 34% and 25.4% respectively for black students.

Liberals like de Blasio would fix this by dumbing everything down to the level of the lowest-achieving group.

In China meanwhile, there is no discrimination against bright Chinese kids. That’s why China is catching up to us.

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