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Dec 16 2019

NYC’s Beacon High School Succumbs to Chaos

If you have something you earned taken away from you and given to someone who did not earn it due to Affirmative Action, make sure not to complain. That could enrage a mob against you and even cause all hell to break loose, as has been happening at Manhattan’s elite Beacon High School.

Via the New York Post:

Friday’s protest was set off by allegedly “racist remarks” that a black student claimed he overheard a white Jewish girl make in a confidential meeting Tuesday with two white Jewish guidance counselors. …

“The context of my private conversation included my disapproval about the unfairness of students who were accepted to college without meeting the rigorous criteria that I and others worked so hard to achieve, because they might be athletes, afforded financial scholarships, and/or get seats based on affirmative action programs, as opposed to academic achievement as the first and only criteria,” the girl explained in a statement.

The black student barged into the meeting and berated the girl and her counselors, causing a commotion.

The girl who dared issue a peep against the outrageous injustice of Affirmative Action has been assailed on social media.

One Instagram post accused her of saying “minorities stole her spot,” and “Im not gonna go to schools for black and brown people or ppl who are retarded.” It concludes, “…she’s definitely Messing with wrong group of ppl. She CLEARLY don’t know how we grew up cuz that bitch looking to be destroyed LITERALLY.”

Black teacher Demetrius Green told a cafeteria full of cheering students to boycott the school:

“What we’re asking of all students: Do not come to school that day to show solidarity for the support of not just students of color but all students at Beacon in providing a safe space.”

A “safe space” means a place where nothing that could conceivably be construed as politically incorrect is ever permitted.

“Until the demands are met,” bellowed Green, “students are not to return to school.”

Regarding demands,

On Sunday, some students posted a list of “Official Demands,” including a call for Beacon to publicly apologize for “allowing racism to fester” for years; ”probes of the guidance counselors” who met with the white girl; mandated workshops on “implicit bias” for students and staff; and ensuring that faculty hiring “mirrors the diversity” of NYC’s students.

It also demands that students who take part in the boycott or sit-in “will not face any repercussions.”

As usual, educrats have stood up to the leftist bullying with firmness and integrity. Just kidding:

Beacon principal Ruth Lacey emailed students Sunday evening saying she was “moved by the passion’’ of the cafeteria speakers…

Beacon is only 14% black. But if that 14% is pushy enough, it can do to Beacon High School what was done to the University of Missouri (see here and here).

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