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Jun 18 2018

NYC’s DeWitt Clinton High School to Allow Students to Pass Without Showing Up for Class

Progressives will be delighted to see the progress that has been made toward the eradication of all standards in New York City schools. It goes beyond moonbat mayor Bill de Blasio wanting to nix the entrance exam for elite schools. At DeWitt Clinton High School, students can get a passing grade even if they never show up for class:

Insisting that students can pass “regardless of absence,” Principal Pierre Orbe has ordered English, science, social studies and math teachers to give “make up” work to hundreds of kids who didn’t show up or failed the courses, whistleblowers said.

Like many NYC schools, this one is not characterized by academic excellence:

Last year, 50 percent of seniors graduated, but only 28 percent of the grads had test scores high enough to enroll at CUNY without remedial help.

Just because they graduated from high school doesn’t mean they can read.

Orbe must have received orders from higher up to make sure more students pass. We can’t have people thinking that NYC public schools are nothing more than an extravagantly expensive babysitting service.

Instead of showing up for class, students can complete — or have someone else complete — “mastery packets.” This is done at home, making cheating easy and inevitable.

The federal government says it’s okay:

The DOE’s academic-policy guide says students “may not be denied credit based on lack of seat time alone.”

One day there will be no standards at all. Everyone will be issued a college degree at birth. Then education equity will have been achieved.

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