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Aug 23 2019

NYPD Arrests a Cop-Douser

Now where would Kenyan colonist Yak Dut get the idea that being black gives him a license to violate the law? Maybe he has been keeping up with events in New York City, where the latest fad among communities of color is to publicly douse police officers with buckets of water before jeering crowds.

The New York Post describes what happens when police attempt to arrest someone for pouring water on them:

Disturbing cellphone video shows an ex-con wanted in a water-bucket attack on NYPD cops boldly challenging the detectives who tracked him down in The Bronx — then bolting when they try to place him under arrest.

The arrogant hoodlum is one Keith Ford, who was on parole for attempted robbery.

When Ford — who’s 6 feet 5 and 255 pounds — shakes off one cop, a struggle ensues and the cops wind up facing off against Ford as he stands with his back to an iron fence.

The cops could have overpowered him — but they didn’t dare. Here’s why:

The brazen display of contempt for the NYPD emerged Tuesday, one day after Police Commissioner James O’Neill fired Officer Daniel Pantaleo over the fatal arrest of Eric Garner in 2014.

Pantaleo was cleared of intentionally choking Garner. Nonetheless, when a black law-breaker dies, the white cop is always in the wrong, according to the liberals in charge.

What if the cops used force against Ford and he got a bloody nose or something? It would be recorded on someone’s Obama phone, the media would run with it, and O’Neill would serve up their heads on a platter on orders from the commie cockroach that currently passes for a mayor, Bill de Blasio.

They tried to tase him when he ran away…

…but Ford appears to yank the barb from his clothing as he leads the cops on a chase down the block and around a corner, with shouting onlookers encouraging him to escape.

Those responsible for upholding law and order know what side “the community” is on; it’s the same side that de Blasio and most of the media are on.

The head of the NYPD Detectives’ Endowment Association [Michael Palladino] said the Thursday incident showed “how emboldened criminals have become, thanks to the rhetoric of our phony [i.e., left-wing] politicians.”

Civilized people are advised to leave New York before the situation deteriorates any further.

Watch the video here. Ford is apprehended in the end, but he’ll be loose soon and he knows it.

On a tip from Varla.

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