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Nov 15 2013

Obama Activist to Be Next Surgeon General

Obama’s portly Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, best known for prescribing hugs as healthcare, has resigned. The replacement will be Vivek Hallegere. This time not being white isn’t the only qualification to set the nominee apart from other candidates:

He is the co-founder and president of Doctors for America, which began as Doctors for Obama in 2008.

Given that the federal government has been allowed to seize control of the healthcare industry, a political hack is an appropriate choice for this position.

Vivek Hallegere, spin doctor. Loyalty has its rewards.

On a tip from Ummah Gummah.

16 Responses to “Obama Activist to Be Next Surgeon General”

  1. Chicken Pickens says:

    I suppose Dr. Mengele was unavailable.

  2. Xavier says:

    Sanjay Gupta livid.

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    Dr Zinn,Dr Maroe,Dr Lucifer,Dr Attila,

  4. IslandLifer says:

    Loyalty to evil also has its price to be paid. It may be fun in the beginning but the end brings pain.

  5. Eleanor in Hell says:

    This clown will be in charge of the White Hut’s “Secret Security Force”…

    Have you ever thought about Medical Martial Law?
    No? Well, start thinking about it. NOW! 👿

  6. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Oh, Babs, you and Alex Jones just like frightening people.
    Halloween is over. Get back to stuffing the turkey and baking cookies.


  7. Eleanor in Hell says:

    Every day, you justify your being down here, Franklin.
    Actually, this place is too good for you.

    Dan Bongino, the former Secret Service agent, says America doesn’t know HALF of what the current Administration has in store for its citizens.

    The Living will envy the Dead, you noodle-legged, sh!t-for-brains Communist ex-King.

  8. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Check the cookies, I smell something burning.
    Oh, wait… never mind… it is I.

  9. cjk says:

    Not being White might not be the only qualification in this instance, but it is still THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE.

  10. Chicken Pickens says:

    Doesn’t this guy just have a look about him? Something like, “Prove you’re not a Jew” kinda thing going.

  11. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Hey, with this guy in there, obamacare will work for sure!

  12. Relax, chill!

    He is not even a Mohammedan!

    There is no need to fear camel urine treatment for cancer just yet…..

  13. dmgore says:

    Whats with the smug DB look on his face?

  14. ThisObamaNation says:

    Are We Having Fun Yet?

    Black Panther Voter Intimidation
    ACORN, SEIU’s Scandalous Behavior
    Fast And Furious
    IRS Harassment Of Political Opponents
    Benghazi Cover Up
    The Obama Care Debacle
    Obama’s Ties To The Muslim Brotherhood
    Obama’s Ties To Known Communists And Domestic Terrorists
    The List Goes On And On

    Isn’t It Time To Pull The Plug On Barack Obama’s Presidency?

    Please Join Us On Nov. 19th, At Lafayette Park, Directly Across The Street From The White House, Between 10am And 6:30pm, To DEMAND Barack Obama’s RESIGNATION.

  15. Henry says:

    The second Surgeon General with politcally correct skin color looks like he finished his residency no more than 5 years ago.

    ObrownMao surrounds himself with people as inexperienced as he is to mask his incompetence.

  16. Eleanor in Hell says:

    It’s going to take more than SERVPRO® to clean all the crap out of the White Hut and Washington, DC.


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