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Jan 05 2012

Obama Administration Plans to Give Nuclear Secrets to Russia

Can anyone who voted for Obama honestly say they are surprised to find him pulling literally treasonous stunts like this?

President Obama signaled Congress this week that he is prepared to share U.S. missile defense secrets with Russia.

In the president’s signing statement issued Saturday in passing into law the fiscal 2012 defense authorization bill, Mr. Obama said restrictions aimed at protecting top-secret technical data on U.S. Standard Missile-3 velocity burnout parameters might impinge on his constitutional foreign policy authority.

As first disclosed in this space several weeks ago, U.S. officials are planning to provide Moscow with the SM-3 data, despite reservations from security officials who say that doing so could compromise the effectiveness of the system by allowing Russian weapons technicians to counter the missile. The weapons are considered some of the most effective high-speed interceptors in the U.S. missile defense arsenal.

There are also concerns that Russia could share the secret data with China and rogue states such as Iran and North Korea to help their missile programs defeat U.S. missile defenses.

Officials from the State Department and Missile Defense Agency have discussed the idea of providing the SM-3 data to the Russians as part of the so-far fruitless missile-defense talks with Moscow, headed in part of by Undersecretary of State Ellen Tauscher, who defense officials say is a critic of U.S. missile defenses.

Liberal ideologues have hated the idea of American missile defenses since Reagan introduced “Star Wars.” Under Obama, they have a chance to disable them.

Thankfully we have separation of powers in America, to protect against one branch of government going rogue:

Section 1227 of the defense law prohibits spending any funds that would be used to give Russian officials access to sensitive missile-defense technology, as part of a cooperation agreement without first sending Congress a report identifying the specific secrets, how they would be used and steps to protect the data from compromise.

The president also must certify to Congress that Russia will not share the secrets with other states and that it will not help Russia “to develop countermeasures” to U.S. defenses.

However, the Manchurian Moonbat once again sneers at the concept of Congress limiting his power.

Mr. Obama said in the signing statement that he would treat the legal restrictions as “non-binding.”

“While my administration intends to keep the Congress fully informed of the status of U.S. efforts to cooperate with the Russian Federation on ballistic missile defense, my administration will also interpret and implement section 1244 in a manner that does not interfere with the president’s constitutional authority to conduct foreign affairs and avoids the undue disclosure of sensitive diplomatic communications,” Mr. Obama said, incorrectly identifying the section of the law containing the restrictions.

The same fifth column Mussolini wannabe who contemptuously dismisses the Constitutional requirement that his disturbing appointment of Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau receive Senate confirmation has the nerve to proclaim that the Constitution gives him the right to provide our missile defense secrets to rival nuclear powers, laws passed by Congress be damned.

At least his foreign policy is consistent. Obama has already treacherously withdrawn promised antiballistic defenses from our loyal allies Poland and the Czech Republic on behalf of Russia.

If the establishment media were not effectively a branch of the Obama Administration, stories like this would lead off every newscast, and the concept of this punk being reelected in a free and fair election would be laughable. As it is, the election promises to be anything but free and fair.

America’s eventual reward for putting Obama in power.

On tips from Byron and SR.

24 Responses to “Obama Administration Plans to Give Nuclear Secrets to Russia”

  1. KHarn says:


    “But giving away military secrets doesn’y mean they will USE them. Just like phoney voter registrations will not be used for illegal votes”

    Justify your tin god’s TREASON, you neo-commie bastards. Then thank whatever god you worship that we are too CIVILIZED to march on DC and hang those traitors.

  2. IslandLifer says:

    It’s just another good-willed gesture from one communist to another. While the reps of the people gang continue to pillage and plunder. It’s no surprise we are so broken.

  3. chuck in st paul says:

    So tell me again how the Iranian goat ropers managed to pull down a top secret spy drone all on their own. Then when we knew about it, King Putt walked away from grabbing it back or destroying it.

    Coincidentally even more of our military secrets are casually winding up in the hands of America’s enemies. Hmmmm…. I think I see a pattern here.

  4. Reiuxcat says:

    How many laws does this jerk have to break before the spineless congress critters impeach His O’liness?

  5. RICH says:


    I was thinking the exact same thing regarding the UAV now in Iran’s hands.

  6. Joe says:


    “Then thank whatever god you worship that we are too CIVILIZED to march on DC and hang those traitors.”

    It’s now become perfectly clear. I’m NOT that civilized.

  7. Sam Adams says:

    Democrats who do not, en mass and individually, denounce this proposed action are complicit in his traitorous acts.

    Sad day for America.

  8. Graycat says:

    In order to provide a good example of a “green energy” White House, President Obama himself has not only replaced every incandecent light bulb in the White House with compact fluorescents or LED light bulbs, he has also ordered every paper shredder to be removed and all important papers be torn up manually into tiny pieces.

  9. 762x51 says:

    I have repeatedly characterized, on this fotum, the criminal Obama as an enemy of the United States. What more proof could you possibly want than this overt act of treason? This traitor clearly intends to destroy America, after handing Iran a UCAVpretty much intact he now intends to destroy our defense advantages. This evil must be stopped before it is too late.

  10. Keith in Seattle says:

    Isn’t giving away or selling of state secrets treason and punishable by death??? Just sayin’…

  11. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    He’s restarting Chinagate too:

    I am numbed by the sheer brazenness of this strategic nuclear treason. Numbed.

    I was shocked by their re-implementation of Chinagate policies, but to have the Executive Branch proclaim and describe its overt treason without any hue and cry from ANYONE in Congress is a Rubicon. We have have crossed a line of some kind.

    If you were waiting for a signal the country is finished, this is it.

  12. chuck in st paul says:

    HTA, you have to see it through the rose colored glasses of the leftards. Most of the TRULY believe that WE are the issue in the world and that unilateral surrender is the only True Path to world enlightenment… and one world government (run by them of course). They actually believe that crappola and act accordingly.

    We’re so-o-o-o-o-o boned.

  13. lao says:

    Apparently because reality isn’t to his liking, khArn loves making up quotes, attributing them to me and then attacking them.

  14. Marian says:

    In continually allowing comrade obama to break the law and subvert the Constitution, congress will go down in history as complicit to the destruction of America. I hope the yellow-bellied cowards are real proud of themselves.

  15. gemalo says:

    might impinge on his constitutional foreign policy authority.

    What in blazes does this idiot know about the Constitution?

  16. […] Obama Administration Plans to Give Nuclear Secrets to Russia […]

  17. Sgt Stadenko says:

    What in blazes does this idiot know about the Constitution?

    That it’s a document of “negative rights” and something needs to be done about that… like ignoring the parts he doesn’t like and daring Congress to stop him.

  18. Were doomed( not joking) says:

    This is the Manchurian president. I am trying to learn to accept that we are well and truly screwed…. And I think after the next election…. It will totally hit the fan. He will wait to see if he can win “honestly” (lol) but if not, prepare for martial law. Either way, we have about one year left of our freedom. I sure hope I am crazy and paranoid!

  19. KHarn says:

    “lao says:January 5, 2012 at 3:01 pm”

    But you DID say that about voter fraud and you DO rush to the defence of your tin god; so I thought you would APPROVE of treason that threatens the world.

    Well? Aren’t you going to denounce this CRIME?


    Then you

  20. KHarn says:


    Then you SUPPORT it.

  21. lao says:

    khaRn the psychic strikes again. (yawn)

  22. nobody says:

    WELL. Fiction predicts Fact.

    Just picture the president in the following scene as half-black, but still a socialist Progressive liberal.

  23. Beef says:

    If this goes as everything else has, he’ll just do it and congress will do nothing. In a functioning Republic, this man would have been impeached already.

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